Partnership History

The Lynchburg College/St. Lucia partnership began in 2003 with a workshop in special education for 50 teachers.

A three-summer sequence followed allowing students to complete a special education Ministry certificate with a curriculum based on LC’s undergraduate academic major in special education. The program offered three courses each summer, and a total of 40 individuals completed the program. Because the curriculum was consistent with the College’s undergraduate program, opportunities were available for completers to seek their bachelor’s degree at Lynchburg College’s Virginia campus.

In 2006, a graduate program for school counselors was initiated with 25 students completing the MEd program. In 2008, a service learning program was established for Lynchburg College students to participate in service learning activities on the island. Forty-six students and four faculty members were involved in the program. A preschool health, developmental, and educational screening was conducted for over 350 children throughout the country. Other activities included opportunities for students to work in a variety of school settings, to mentor and tutor adolescents at risk, and to learn about the government, education, health systems, and culture of St. Lucia.

Other programs provided by the LC/St. Lucia partnership include designing a new multi-disciplinary assessment program for the nation, a workshop on autism for 140 teachers and parents, coursesin advanced counseling, training in clinical supervision strategies for school principals, and reading instruction workshops with 900 educators participating.