Senior Pledge

Welcome to Senior Year!

We, your Class of 2014Class of 2014 Senior Pledge Committee, will soon be asking you to think about what it means to be a Lynchburg College alum. It's critical that we, like those before us, support our alma mater.

The Senior Pledge

As a graduate of Lynchburg College, you pledge to:

  1. Explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job you consider. You will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which you work
  2. Champion the mission and values of your alma mater, adding value to your diploma and public familiarity with Lynchburg College
  3. Remain connected with the College through the Alumni Association by attending events near your home and on campus when possible, staying in touch with classmates, and keeping your information up to date with the Office of Alumni Relations
  4. Support the College by making a gift to the Annual Fund, which ensures the next generation of LC students succeed in a global society. You recognize that Lynchburg College can grow only by the continued support of its alumni

What is the Annual Fund?

Your Annual Fund gift will help support scholarships, and provide resources and learning tools like the Wilmer Writing Center, lab equipment, books, and computers.

Annual Fund gifts are unrestricted, so the College can use them where and when they are needed most urgently.

You may give to any of these Annual Fund areas:

  • LC's greatest needs
  • Student scholarships
  • Library enhancements
  • Faculty development
  • Hornet Club (athletics)
  • Career development

Why should you pledge?

Alumni giving is a factor in determining LC's national ranking in magazines like U.S. News & World Report. It is a measure of our commitment to LC and shows the world we are proud to be Hornets!

During our time here, we benefited from other generous alumni. Now is our chance to help the next generation of LC students. Many classes before us have supported our LC education by enthusiastically participating in their own Senior Class Campaigns.

How can I afford to give?

We are asking for you to pledge your support, not give at this time. We're asking that every year for 4 years, beginning next year. For example, if you gave LC $25, that's just $2.08 a month! This total gift of $100, made in installments, is not much when you think about it, but when combined with others' gifts, it goes a long way at LC.

Giving is easy!

  • You may make your gift in honor of someone - a parent, professor, coach, or mentor, who has made your college experience better. The College will let that person know a gift has been made in his/her honor.
  • Your first pledge payment is not due until a full year after graduation!
  • You may give using your credit or debit card.
  • You may give online when it's convenient for you.
  • We ask that you support the Annual Fund. However, your pledge to any area of the College counts!
  • Make your pledge to LC

Thank you to the members of the Class of 2014 who have pledged their support this spring!


Ashley Adams

Matt Anderson

Fallon Annarino

Whitney Anthony

Marvin Argueta-sol

Robert Arnold

Brett Ashwell

Mellissa Berkowitz

Nate Blackely

DJ Bowles

Gabrielle Branch

Anne Neville Broaddus

Luisa  Cardona

Jenna Carr

Sarah Anne Carroll

Liz Clemens

Bailey Cleveland

Garrett Corless

Jennifer Cormier

Kelsey Cornell

Grace Danish

Austin Davis

Emily Davis

Henry Deadrick

Brea Depina

Heather Dodge

Courtney Domaleski

Amanda Dozier

Jamie Dubois

Meredith Edwards

Courtney Elliott

Heather Fedak

Shamika Ferrell

Chesley Fobare

Tyler France

Paige Gadsby

Annie Garrity

Jon Gill

Joseph 'JJ' Graci

Amber Green

Jessica Hamel

Paige Hammock

Megan Hoillingshead

Kelly Holland

Taylor Holmes

Kelly Janik

Molly Keesling

Logan Kilduff

Derrick Lagoy

Brianna Lamarca

Holly Lovern

Emily Marsh

Rachel Mathey

Carter Mayberry

Stephen Modzelewski

Steve Montgomery

Casey Moore

Dan Murray

Katie Neill

Mary Vincent  Ness

Amy Noack

Robert Oldendrop

Emily O'Leary

Jenei Piccone

Kaitlyn Potts

Katherine Prothero

Christina Raikes

Mandie Ramirez

Nikol Sachse

Amy Salyer

Caroline Sawyer

Steve Schadoff

Christina Schneider

Jake Seaman

Jordan  Seeley

Mike Sharkey

Meagan  Songer

Cody  Spain

Sierra Spicer

Kristin Stack

Betsy Stipa

Alyssa Trantham

Erin Tucker

Elizabeth Van Hooser

Michael Whiteacre

Ryan Wilkins

Natalie Williams

Kierstin Wilson

Kyle Wolfe

Nigel Word

Cobly H. Wright

Courtney  Zongrone