Faculty and Staff Giving

The Annual Fund provides vital support for needs across our campus. Because of the Annual Fund, LC is able to offer more financial aid for our students, as well as faculty development opportunities, improvements to athletic programs, technology enhancements, and additional learning resources for all students.

Annual Fund gifts from faculty and staff are a powerful vote of confidence in Lynchburg College and the good work that it does.

What an inspirational statement it would be to say that 100% of LC faculty and staff members support the Annual Fund!

Will you help LC make that statement by supporting the Annual Fund this year?

Giving Options for Faculty and Staff

  1. Enroll in our easy payroll deduction plan. You can give as little as $1 per paycheck.
  2. Make a one-time gift with a personal check, cash, or credit card.

To make a gift, download the Faculty and Staff Pledge Form today, and then return the completed form through campus mail to the Advancement Office.

Questions? Contact Kathryn Crowder Yarzebinski '08 MBA, director of the Annual Fund, at yarzebinski@lynchburg.edu, or stop by the Office of Advancement.

Thank you for your support!

Faculty and Staff Annual Fund Donors

For Fiscal Year 2012

Ms. Lynda L. Ahles '14, Health Sciences & Human Development

Dr. Patricia A. Aronson, Athletic Training

Mr. Kevin L. Arrington '98 M.Ac., Institutional Research

Mrs. Carolyn P. Austin, Knight-Capron Library

Dr. Eugena Barnhill, Special Education

Mrs. Elizabeth-Reid C. Becker, Enrollment Services

Mrs. Deborah M. Bennett, Financial Aid

Mr. Thomas S. Bentson II '04, Advancement

Ms. Charlotte M. Berry, Mathematics

Mr. Krishan S. Bhalla, Physical Plant

Mr. William O. Blackwell '67, Human Development & Learning

Dr. Jeanne Davidson Booth '76, '88 MEd, Counselor Education

Mr. Matthew L. Brandon, Alumni Relations/Advancement

Mr. Stephen E. Bright, Business Office

Mrs. Gail F. Brown, Human Development & Learning

Mr. Thomas H. Burrowes, Jr. '93, Advancement

Mrs. Laurie D. Cassidy '02, Theatre

Ms. Marguerite E. Cassidy, Westover Honors Program

Mr. Thomas L. Cassidy '73, Advancement

Mr. Marco T. Cedillo, Spanish

Ms. Abeba K. Chekol, Environmental Services

Mrs. Jacinda Campbell Childress '88, Enrollment Services

Dr. Danny O. Cline, Jr., Mathematics

Dr. Michael A. Coco, Mathematics

Mr.  Daniel S. Cohen, Claytor Nature Study Center

Mrs. Shameka W. Davenport '00, Management

Mrs. Allison Datz Davis '09, Alumni Relations

Mrs. Michelle G. Davis, Financial Aid

Dr. Edward G. DeClair , Westover Honors Program

Dr. Ellen K. DeLuca, Nursing

Mrs. Rita Detwiler, Enrollment Services

Dr. Deborah P. Driscoll, Institutional Effectiveness

Mrs. Annette O. Eccles '05, Mathematics

Mr. John G. Eccles, Residence Life

Dr. Annette N. Evans, Religious Studies

Mrs. Emily I. Evans, Athletic Training

Ms. Jill Cutler Farley '99 MBA, Campus Store

Dr. Elizabeth Brooks Farnsworth '80, '84 MEd, Counselor Education

Mr. David W. Fleury, Environmental Services

Mr. Randall L. Frank, Safety & Security

Mr. Eugene G. Frantz '71, '76 MEd, Advancement

Mr. Jonathan L. Fries '07, '11 MEd, Enrollment Services

Ms. Mary F. Garner , Advancement

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Garren, President

Ms. Anne A. Gibbons, Chaplain's Office

Mrs. Carolyn Davis Gilley '92, Business Office

Mrs. Nancy J. Grimes, Enrollment Services

Mr. George E. Grzenda '71, '73 MEd, Athletics

Mrs. Teresa P. Gunter '15, Academic Advising

Ms. Linda M. Hall '96, '02 MEd, Human Resources

Mrs. Pamela S. Hall '12, Advancement

Ms. Carol T. Hardin '10 MEd, Graduate Studies

Mrs. Mary L. Hunt, Business Office

Dr. Allison B. Jablonski, Biology

Mrs. Rhonda W. Johnson, Residence Life

Dr. Roger E. Jones, Educational Leadership

Mrs. Charmaine H. Justis '86, '95 MEd, School of Sciences

Dr. Delane O. Karalow, Art

Mrs. Sharon F. Keefe, Information Technology & Resources

Mr. Michael Kelly '85 MEd, '89 MEd, Human Development & Learning

Mrs. M. Susan Kennon '09 MEd, Registrar's Office

Mrs. Carol W. Key, Business Office

Dr. Jong H. Kim, Music

Mr. Stephen R. Koudelka, Athletics

Dr. Sharon F. Kready, Sociology

Dr. William J. Kuchler, Sports Management

Mrs. Paula C. Lichiello '07 MEd, Graduate Studies & Continuing Education

Dr. David J. Lipani, English

Dr. Laura D. Long, English

Mr. Ronald E. Martin '59, Philosophy

Mr. Ben Mayhew, Jr. '91, '02 MBA, Alumni Relations

Dr. Kimberly A. McCabe, Humanities & Social Sciences

Mr. Charles V. McCombie '06, Campus Store

Mrs. Denise A. McDonald, Advancement

Ms. Donna McGill, Counseling Services

Mrs. Amanda N. McGovern, Residence Life

Mrs. Betty C. McKinney '62, College Communications & Marketing

Mrs. Nancy L. Minot, Advancement

Mr. Daniel G. Murphy, Sociology

Dr. David S. Murphy, Accounting

Ms. Anne Stoutenburgh Nash '65, College Communications & Marketing

Dr. Mari K. Normyle '97 MEd, Office of the Dean of the College

Mrs. Beatrice Reeves Otey '96, Nursing Department

Mrs. Kathy H. Pavia, Enrollment Services

Mr. Christopher W. Peterson, College Communications & Marketing

Dr. Kevin M. Peterson, Mathematics

Ms. Beverly A. Pfluger '06, '09 MEd, Center for Community Development

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Pingstock, Graduate Studies & Continuing Education

Dr. Edward A. Polloway, College and Community Advancement

Mrs. Patricia Davis Price '95, '05 MEd, Center for Community  Development

Mr. Richard G. Pumphrey '74, Art

Mrs. Christie Smith Rapp '83, Chaplain's Office

Dr. David H. Richards, International Relations

Ms. Abbey A. Rowe, Academic Advising

Mrs. Agatha R. Rule, Communication Studies

Mrs. Nina Vest Salmon '93 MEd, English

Mrs. Anne M. Saunier, Nursing

Mr. Leon J. Schimmoeller, Management

Mrs. Nancy W. Schneider, Accounting

Mr. Michael D. Schnur, Economics

Dr. Georg M. Schwarzmann, Spanish

Dr. James W. Scow, Philosophy

Dr. Sally C. Selden, Office of the Dean of the College

Ms. Patricia Parr Sellers '76, '93 MEd, Educational Leadership

Ms. Letty A. Shearer, Advancement

Mrs. Janet C. Sigler '65, Advancement

Dr. Julius A. Sigler, Jr. '62, Office of the Dean of the College

Ms. Nicole A. Smith, Communication Studies

Mr. Robert D. Smith, Physical Plant

Mr. John P. Stafford, Advancement

Mr. Robert A. Steckel, Enrollment Services

Mrs. Irene R. Sterne, School of Sciences

Ms. Katharine D. Stevens, College Communications & Marketing

Ms. Meredith L. Stevens, Advancement

Dr. Bianca Sumutka, Psychology

Dr. Christine H. Terry, Biology

Dr. Susan M. Thompson, Human Development & Learning

Dr. Elza C. Tiner, English

Dr. Candace E. Todd, Communication Studies

Ms. Merrill P. Tolbert, Human Development & Learning

Dr. Jack M. Toms '69, Athletics

Mr. Danny R. Tyree, Environmental Services

Dr. John C. Walker '84 MEd, Educational Leadership

Mr. Jay K. Webb '73, '82 M.Ad., Registrar's Office

Dr. Robert H. White, French

Ms. Allison M. Wilkins, English

Mrs. Eugenia Martin Wilkinson '79, Music

Ms. Julie A. Williams, School of Humanities/Social Sciences

Mrs. Sandra I. Wolanski, Health Center

Mrs. Lisa B. Womack, Business Office

Mrs. Debra C. Wyland, Advancement

Ms. Kathryn Crowder Yarzebinski '08 MBA, Advancement

Mrs. Michelle L. Yeaples, Financial Aid

Mrs. Karen J. Zongrone, Residence Life