Gifts of Real Estate

If you have been thinking about making a substantial gift to Lynchburg College, consider a gift of real estate. You may give your entire interest in the property or a fractional share of it.

In the year the gift is made, you will be eligible for an income tax charitable deduction. You will escape any capital gains tax that would have been due if the property were sold by you. A gift of real estate to Lynchburg College may reduce the amount the government can tax your estate upon your death.

Giving your property to Lynchburg College can be an effective way to simplify your financial affairs, freeing yourself of the burden of selling your property later or leaving it for estate liquidation.

Benefits include:

  • Income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value.
  • Avoidance of tax on the property’s appreciation.
  • No hassle from trying to sell the property.
  • No gift tax, plus a reduction of your taxable estate.