What Our Students Say

Ashley McHaney teaches French to middle school studentsAshley McHaney teaches French at a middle school

"I taught French 1 at Alliance Christian Academy (ACA) to students ranging from 13 to 16. Since it was the first year that ACA had offered French as a foreign language, I had a lot of freedom with my teaching style. We got to learn about vocabulary, grammar, and culture throughout the year. I taught for an hour 2 times a week and was able to implement creative activities such as learning about holidays in France, learning Bible verses (due to the nature of the curriculum supported by the school), along with other engaging opportunities. Next year, ACA will offer French 1 and 2." Ashley McHaney '12

"Taking French has allowed me to make a larger impact on the children I teach in my internship by allowing them to experience a language other than English and Spanish." Mary Milley '13, psychology

"The professors are all approachable and are always willing to help if you go to them with questions. This College offers language aides as well, and they are a great resource. The French program will challenge you and ultimately give you a finer appreciation of the language and culture." Ria Hawkins '14, English

"The French program at LC has really helped me to learn the French language. An emphasis is put on reading, listening, and speaking French. I feel that now, were I to travel to France, I would really be able to communicate with the people. Taking French helps you learn different types of cultures and gives you a broader perspective on them. There are opportunities for studying abroad as well as activities on campus, such as watching films and listening to French music, that help open your eyes to the different cultures." Christina Raikes '14, nursing