Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship Competition

An art student works on a sculpture

The Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship Competition recognizes student achievement and talent in the arts.

You may compete in more than one category among music (vocal or instrumental), theatre (acting, music theatre, dance, technical, stage management, and design), and/or visual art (graphic design, photography, sculpture, painting, and drawing). However, only one scholarship award may be accepted.

All incoming freshman and transfer students are eligible to compete, regardless of major. Competition is by invitation only.

The Scholarships

$3,000 Scholarship Award
$2,000 Scholarship Award
$1,000 Scholarship Award

Scholarships are renewable for three years beyond the freshman year. These scholarships are in addition to any academic awards for which the student may qualify at the time of admission.

How to Apply:

Send the application to the competition for which you are applying to the Lynchburg College Admissions Office, 1501 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24501 or fax to 434.544.8653.

Music scholarship application
Art scholarship application
Theatre scholarship application 

The updated deadline to apply is February 13, 2015. If you are selected to compete, you will receive an invitation via email. Invited participants must prepare for an audition/interview, as specified below in the Competition Details section.

Competition Details

Questions? Contact Andrew De Santis in the office of Enrollment Services at 434.544.8390 or

Music Audition Information

If your performance requires accompaniment, it is preferred that you bring your own accompanist or a high quality accompaniment tape. A staff accompanist will also be available.

Voice: Prepare two songs in contrasting nature (style, tempo, mood). Performance in a foreign language for at least one piece is encouraged but not required. Both pieces must be memorized. Sight singing will also be required at the audition and will include two selections from Robert Ottman's Music for Sight Singing.

Woodwinds: Prepare two pieces of contrasting styles (approximately 10 minutes total); you will also be asked to perform a chromatic scale ascending and descending full range of the instrument.

Brass: Prepare two compositions in contrasting styles or one longer composition with contrasting movements (approximately 10 minutes total).

Strings: Prepare two compositions or movements in contrasting styles. It is preferred that one be a movement from a major concerto. One may be an etude that shows your level of technical development.

Percussion: A prepared solo on snare drum, timpani, and mallet percussion instrument (all three are required).

Portfolio Review Information (Art)

You will review your portfolio with several Lynchburg College art faculty members.

Your portfolio will consist of 8-10 works that demonstrate your range of proficiencies and best document the depth and breadth of your potential in art, and a typed, double-spaced, one-page statement indicating your desire to pursue the art scholarship competition and future goals as they relate to art.

The portfolio will demonstrate your:

  • Ability to create from a personal perspective that embodies a sense of creativity
  • Awareness of the effective use of media, tools, and materials
  • Command of the formal elements of art within the appropriate contexts
  • Ability to establish personal criteria, set goals, and pursue independent creative production
  • Technical skill in a specific discipline
  • Ability to present finished works of art/design appropriately for public review

The portfolio review process: you will arrange your work on studio tables. Then you will introduce yourself to the art faculty and initiate a discussion of your work by explaining the objectives, media, etc. of the pieces. Faculty will engage you in a conversation about your work and provide concluding observations.

Theatre Audition/Interview Process

The adjudicators are Lynchburg College theatre faculty members.

Auditions must include the following:

Acting applicants: Prepare two contrasting monologues, memorized, of no more than two minutes each (i.e., one comic and one serious piece, or one Shakespeare and one contemporary piece). Material should be of good literary quality, suited to your age and experience, active more than narrative, without extremes of profanity.

Musical theatre applicants: Prepare two musical theatre songs one up tempo and one ballad of no more than two minutes each. At least one of the songs should be from a musical written before 1965. No pop, rock, gospel, or a cappella songs. Please bring your sheet music in the right key for the accompanist, or bring a high quality accompaniment CD. Applicants should also present a short, one-minute memorized monologue from a play.

Dance applicants: Prepare a 2-4 minute dance/movement piece on DVD demonstrating your best skills, or 2-4 minutes of your performance work (clips or one number). Send DVD with application and letter of recommendation for consideration.

Technical Theatre: For the interview, bring a portfolio or any type of material that helps illustrate the your experience, such as:

  • Programs with your name indicating responsibilities on various productions
  • Your technical drawings, light plots, costume sketches, make-up designs, set designs, etc.
  • Photos of costumes, sets, lighting, makeup, etc. that you created
  • Stage manager's prompt books, assignments, etc.

Prepare a 5-10 minute presentation explaining your best work. Following the presentation, you will have a 15-minute interview with faculty.