Undergraduate Research

The Research Class, EXPH450, is a senior level class designed to give you knowledge about research and how it should be conducted, plus the opportunity to conduct a small-scale research project and present the findings to your peers.

Graduate School Research by the Faculty

Dr. Debbie Bradney

Attitudes of coaches regarding eating disorders - Doctoral dissertation 

Dr. DuAnn Kremer

Actual and predicted energy costs for females walking one mile level, uphill, downhill, and mixed - Master's thesis

Lactate transport in sarcolemmal giant vesicles from canine skeletal muscle - Doctoral dissertation

Dr. Jim McLaughlin

A comparison of selected physiological parameters between participants and dropouts from a corporate fitness facility - Master's thesis

A test of the classical model for predicting endurance running performance - Doctoral dissertation

Steve Smith

Measurable factors that differentiate between successful and unsuccessful Little League baseball players - Doctoral dissertation topic