English Awards

Leah VitelloOutstanding Senior Award in English

2013-14 Leah Vitello (at right)
2012-13 Theresa Gillette
2011-12 Erin Grogan

Established by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and given for the first time in 2012, this award was created to honor the most outstanding senior English major. Criteria for the award include high academic achievement, student participation in extracurricular and scholarly activities, contribution to campus life at LC, and recommendations from individual members of the English Department.



Charlotte GalambElsie E. Bock Writing Award

2013-14 Charlotte Galamb (at right)
2012-13 Evelyn Keeney-Ritchie
2011-12 Jonathan Haggerty
2010-11 Paul Williams

The Elsie E. Bock Writing Award is presented annually at the Academic Awards Banquet to recognize a student who, through the freshman composition course, has demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in argumentative and persuasive writing through a strong personal voice. Ms. Bock served as an English professor at the College until her death in 1996.



Emma KinseyFloyd H. and Rowe M. Crews Memorial Award

2013-14 Emma Kinsey (at right)
2012-13 Nicole Warkoski
2011-12 Diana Clark and Parisa Ashraf
2010-11 Melissa Palmer and Laura Payne

This award was established in 1962 by the children of Floyd H. Crews, Class of 1922, and Rowe M. Crews for the purpose of encouraging students to develop their ability in the field of creative writing. This award is given annually to the student who makes the best written contribution to the student publications of Lynchburg College.



Samantha ChapmanLaura Jeter Parker Award

2013-14 Samantha Chapman (at right)
2012-13 Brogan Franklin
2011-12 Erin Grogan
2010-11 Kellie Gray

This award was established in memory of Laura Jeter Parker, associate professor of English at Lynchburg College, by her by friends, students, and colleagues. She served as director of Freshman English, the Junior English Program, and the Writing Laboratory until her death in 1972. The annual awards recognize graduating seniors who have demonstrated excellence in their English studies.



Nik WarkoskiLibbie Keeton LaPrade Creative Writing Award

2013-14 Nicole Warkoski (at right)
2012-13 Brogan Franklin
2011-12 Brogan Franklin
2010-11 Colette Weeks

This award was established to honor the memory of Libbie Keeton Laprade, an English major and 1947 graduate of the College, by her husband, Wallace '48, and their children. The award is presented annually to a student showing exceptional promise in writing in multiple genres.



Ashley RynardMervyn W. Williamson Award

2013-14 Ashley Rynard (at right)
2012-13 Steve Jones
2011-12 Paul Bucklen
2010-11 Lauren Lamoly

This award was established in memory of Dr. Mervyn Williamson by his wife, Rhoda L. Williamson, to recognize a full-time undergraduate student who most clearly reflects Dr. Williamson's love for literature and Christian ideals. A 1948 graduate of the College, Dr. Williamson was a professor of English and chairman of the English Department at the time of his death in 1983. He was a renowned expert in linguistics, dialects, and local history.



The Belle M. Hill Creative Poetry Award

2013-14 Adam Pollak
2012-13 Sarah Lavinder
2011-12 Sarah Lavinder 
2010-11 Benjamin Blanks

This award was established in memory by Belle M. Hill's sons to be presented annually to a student who has demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in creative poetry writing. Mrs. Hill taught a variety of English literature and poetry classes in the College's English department from 1957 to 1980 when she retired. Mentor and friend to many students, her favorite class to teach was Nineteenth Century Romantic Poetry.



Colin PendletonThe Charles H. Barrett Creative Writing Award

2013-14 Colin Pendleton (at right)
2012-13 Diana Clark
2011-12 Steve Hile and Taelor Skinner
2010-11 Taelor Skinner

This award was established by Marilyn A. Cadoff, a 1968 alumna of the College and former student of Professor Barrett, in his memory as a much-beloved teacher and mentor to many students. Dr. Barrett directed the Freshman English program at the College from 1960-1979 and taught a variety of writing courses. The award is presented annually to recognize a student who has demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in creative writing. (Charles H. Barrett Article - PDF)



Jasmine SmithThe Rona L. Adams & Brian Adams Yates Scholarship

2013-14 Jasmine Smith (at right)
2012-13 Janine Fowler
Michelle Maples

Established in 2004 to honor Brian Adams Yates and amended in 2006 to honor Rona L. Adams as well, this fellowship grant is awarded to a History major or minor and to an English major or minor for study abroad.