Anne Spencer

Lynchburg College
Professor Nina Salmon
Composition I and II, Sections C and P
Office Phone: 434/544 - 8275
Office located at Carnegie 405
Office Hrs: M,W,F 9 - 10am, 12 - 1, 2 -3


Goal: Students will communicate clearly written English, demonstrating their analysis, comprehension, and critical questioning of texts and issues from various disciplines.

Anne Spencer website

Second Semester: Anne Spencer

· Presentation #1: Anne Spencer poetry
Groups will facilitate class understanding and discussion of selected poems by teaching them to the class.

· Presentation #2: Anne Spencer Field Study
The second presentation is intended to describe your semester-long involvement with something relating to Anne Spencer, our research topic. Think of this almost as an internship. In fact, most of these options are real work that needs doing! Some of your projects may, with your permission and appropriate acknowledgment, be utilized by the Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum, Inc. and incorporated into its operations. You may find out that you can use your selected opportunity in conjunction with another class (as long as your professor is aware of the opportunity for credit in English class also!) Your fieldwork is intended to offer you a closer view of Anne Spencer that is meaningful and "hands-on." You will most likely want to incorporate your work into your research project. The field study project should serve to deepen your understanding of Anne Spencer.

You may work independently or in teams or groups of up to four people. If you work in a group, check with me about my expectations for the written component.

If you choose to work at the Spencer House or in the garden, the minimum service requirement is four hours. That is considered average (or worthy of a C). Five hours is comparable to a B and six hours or above can earn an A for the service component of the field study project. The overall success of the product (scrapbook, blog, PowerPoint, photo album, etc.) will contribute to the remainder of the grade for the field study. Visits to area schools, retirement homes, or organizations do not require an hourly minimum. I strongly encourage this interaction with the community. Choose your own presentation site, or work with me to find a location for your presentation or interactive workshop. In many cases, you will be working with me or with other community volunteers. I've listed some options below, but other activities will be considered.

I will work with each student or group to determine the objectives for each project. It is possible to team up with students in my other section.

Anne Spencer Field Study Options:

School visits
Presentation at area organization such as the Summit or
Transcribe oral history tapes
Prepare a service-learning display for the Student Scholar
Showcase on April 15
Compile list and brief bio. of visitors to the Spencer's house
Prepare (plan and write) an audio taped tour for the house
Prepare (plan and write) an audio taped tour for Edankraal and
the garden
Compile an extensive list and comprehensive (25+ sources with
50-100 word annotations) annotated bibliography of
sources (print, electronic,etc.)
Coordinate Presentation night
Create a web page

The following projects will require a product/service combination (see below):
On-going garden cleanup and/or house maintenance (6 hours earns an A)
Compile a sketch or watercolor portfolio of the garden and/or house
Create PowerPoint program to be used in schools (specify age level)
Photo album/scrapbook
Write an article on the field study projects for the Anne Spencer newsletter
newsletter or the Critograph

Note: I will be able to drive you as necessary. In some cases, you may wish to
provide your own transportation.

There are numerous other possibilities. I encourage you to discuss your ideas with me.