Doctoral Seminars

The program includes a minimum of 54 hours of coursework (14 core interdisciplinary doctoral courses and a minimum of 12 hours of master's-level cognate courses) beyond the master's level and 12 hours of dissertation research, for a minimum of 66 hours.

LS 800 Human Resource Management

LS 801 Epidemiology of Community Public Health Issues

LS 802 Quantitative Research

LS 803 Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Leadership

LS 804 Qualitative and Action Research

LS 805 Community Dynamics

LS 806 Public Policy

LS 807 Government, Politics, and Leadership

LS 808 Dissertation Seminar: Research and Readings in Leadership Studies

LS 809 Organizational Leadership and Change

LS 811 Organizational Communication

LS 812 Planning for the Future: Economic Trends in the 21st Century

LS 813 System Design and Tools for Sustainability

LS 890 Dissertation Research (6 hrs)

LS 891 Dissertation Capstone (6 hrs)

Cognate Courses

You must complete this requirement (that is, adding another area of content focus beyond the master's degree) by completing 12 hours of coursework.

If your initial master's degree was not in educational leadership, the coursework should be from that discipline (at the master's level). If you already have a graduate degree in educational leadership, the 12-credit cognate can be selected from other academic disciplines.

If you have previously completed 2 master's degrees, you do not also need to complete an additional cognate.

In all cases, each student must have already completed, or must complete, the course Principles of Leadership (EDCI 690), as part of the requirements.