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Dr. Woody Greenberg

Dr. Woody Greenberg

Faculty within the School of Communication and the Arts have a long history of working with community clients to meet their needs for video and graphic design.

This community involvement was formalized in 2005 with the completion of Elliot & Rosel Schewel Hall and within that space, the Donovan Media Development Center.

The facility was the brainchild of Dr. Woody Greenberg and was funded by the Donovan Foundation. The Donovan Center students, faculty, and staff assist nonprofit organizations and businesses in creating print and electronic media to document, explain, and promote their activities.

Since 2005, the Donovan Center has produced video and graphic design projects for more than 60 non-profit agencies and several businesses in the Central Virginia area. The creative director for these projects, Professor Bill Noel, is now the executive director.