Considering a Media Project?

The Arc of Production: A Producer's Practical Guide to Organizing and Executing Media Projects


  • Ideas can be generated internally or externally to the organization.
  • Ideas have a high mortality rate - that is, many never are started, or completed, for a variety of practical reasons.
  • Ideas should be considered in relation to the main goal, and the audience for the message.


  • What has been done? Know the market for the type of project you are considering.
  • What is the vital content?
  • Are there creative, practical, technical, or logistical considerations?
    (time, money, talent)


  • A producer has two thought paths to reconcile: practical and creative.
  • Creatively, you are developing relevant content into a format or script that conveys your message to the audience.
  • You need to visualize the end product.
  • Practically, you must consider costs, legal issues (copyright/talent releases), and other nuts and bolts of practical detail.


  • Image acquisition: stills, graphic design, video
  • Audio recording and mixing
  • Editing, authoring, fixing in final form


  • What media form works best to reach your audience? Perhaps more than one?
  • Does the final project stay true to the original goal? Projects do evolve over the course of development.
  • Can you link the final project to the original concept and have you allowed for feedback? Keep in mind that it is best to have a project leader and limits on revisions.