May 2012: Rachel Hannum

Medical Facilities of America is dedicated to our students' success and wants to highlight students for their efforts! MFA selected Rachel Hannum as the Student of the Month for May, 2012.

Rachel HannumName: Rachel Hannum

Hometown: Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Undergraduate degree and school: Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Marshall University (Huntington, W. Va.)

What her professor says: "By her example Rachel has been a positive influence on everyone in her class since day one. She routinely puts the needs of classmates above her own needs, to help in whatever way is necessary (if you need a shirt embroidered, contact Rachel). She exemplifies what it means to be a leader, and her calm, well-prepared contributions to faculty meetings have inspired numerous topics of discussion. Rachel has been an asset to the program, demonstrating commitment that goes above and beyond, in helping with information sessions, service projects, and visiting anatomy classes. " - George Schuppin PhD, associate professor physical therapy

What sparked your interest in physical therapy? After I was accepted into Marshall's Athletic Training program I saw many similarities to PT during my clinical rotations. I started working at an outpatient PT clinic to improve my rehabilitation skills and eventually fell in love with it. I originally planned on going to osteopathic school but finally realized the importance of doing what I love and that is to be a physical therapist.

What's the most exciting part of the DPT program? So far it has been the anatomy cadaver lab. The design of the human body and its functions have always fascinated me. Being in the lab let me see and understand the anatomy in ways that you cannot get from a textbook. However, I am looking forward to my first clinical internship this summer which should be a very exciting experience.

What do you hope to do with your degree? If I continue with my goal to specialize in orthopedics I will open my own clinic after working 10-15 years. I also have an interest in working for the military as a way for me to give back to our servicemen and women. At this point in the program though, it is hard to tell what specialty I'll choose.

What are some of your hobbies? Working out, soccer, tennis, reading, travelling, actually cooking the recipes and making the crafts I pin on Pinterest, and playing with my dog.

What is your favorite quote? "And then some." My dad said this to me when I was young and it has always stayed with me. It means that you do what is expected of you "and then some." Whether you're studying, an athlete, or writing a paper, if you put in more effort than what is required, you will always succeed. I try to apply this concept to all aspects of my life.

Anything else that you'd like to share? Something unique? I grew up in Charlottesville, Va. and when I first moved to W. Va. I entered the county fair as a way to be more involved with my grandpa. He taught me how to raise and show a market steer - and then I won Grand Champion and the Showmanship award.