March 2014: Brian Britt

Medical Facilities of America is dedicated to our students' success and wants to highlight students for their efforts! MFA has selected Brian Britt as the Student of the Month for March.

Learn how our DPT students are going above and beyond!

Brian BrittName: Brian Frederick Britt

Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia

Undergraduate degree and school: Roanoke College, BS Biology

What his professors are saying about him:

“One of the qualities that set apart our students is their enthusiasm for learning. Few students personify this quality more than Brian Britt. Brian clearly loves to learn. He is intellectually curious, he asks thought-provoking questions in class, and he is continually striving to apply his classroom knowledge to the clinic. Brian does all of this with a devilish little grin that indicates he is having too much fun pursuing his dream. Since enrolling in the program, Brian has been focused and committed to being the best student he can be. He has consistently been among the top scorers in his cohort. Brian has also led by example. He is a class officer, an active participant in the free clinic, and he recently traveled to his alma mater to help promote the Lynchburg College DPT program. I, for one, am proud to have played a small role in Brian’s education as a physical therapist. The sky is the limit for him.”

- Price Blair, PhD, Assistant Professor

What sparked your interest in physical therapy?

I have always had an interest in biology and was introduced to the profession of Physical Therapy by my sister, who is a DPT. For the last number of years I had worked for credit unions and enjoyed the experience despite my lack of background in business and finance. A time had come in my career where I was deciding whether or not to go to graduate school in order to advance professionally.  I considered getting a MBA, but didn’t know whether or not that would be the right choice for me. It was my sister who suggested that I shadow at local PT clinics to see if it would be a profession that I would enjoy or not. The therapists who I shadowed not only worked hard and cared deeply for the patient’s under their care; they were also very satisfied with their jobs. It was my experience in the clinics that helped me see that this would be a good fit for me.

What's the most exciting part of the DPT program?

I think what sets LC's DPT program apart is the sense of community among the faculty and students. The persistence and dedication that everyone in the program exhibits is infectious, and I find my motivation in trying to uphold the high standards that they have set. It is exciting to be among such a great group of students.

What do you hope to do with your degree?

I have purposefully tried to keep an open mind about specializing or future job prospects. However, if I were to choose now, I would say that I am most interested in obtaining a neurology or geriatric specialty. I really don't have an opinion on the the setting that I would like to practice in. Whatever specialty or setting I end up in, I want to be the best that I can be.

What are some of your hobbies?

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, kayaking, and hiking. I used to work as a barista at a coffee shop and developed an obsession with coffee and loose-leaf teas. 

What is your favorite quote?


Whatever happens. Whatever
what is is is what
I want. Only that. But that.

-Galway Kinnell

This is one of my all-time favorite poems.  Kinnell is not only able to say a tremendous amount about life and acceptance in so few words, he has also able to find a way to say the word "is" three times in a row and still convey meaning.