Registration, Intake, and Accommodations

Laughing studentsStudents with disabilities who wish to seek academic or non-academic accommodations (e.g., dietary, housing) should contact the Disability Services Coordinator. Accommodations and services are offered for eligible students with cognitive, medical, mental health, and physical disabilities, including temporary disabilities such as injury, acute conditions, or surgery.

While is recommended that students with disabilities seek accommodations upon admission to the college, intake appointments can be made at any time. Accommodations begin at the date of approval and are not retroactive.

Additional information about disability services is available at

Julia R. Timmons
Disability Services Coordinator
434-544-8687 or r 434-544-8419
TTD Relay Service 800-828-1140
Lynchburg College
1501 Lakeside Drive
Lynchburg, VA  24501