Leave of Absence

If you would like to take a leave of absence from LC, you must complete the Leave of Absence form (Word doc) and turn it in to the Dean of Students Office, in 113 Hundley Hall.


Approximately two months, but no later than one month before you are scheduled to return to LC, you should contact the Office of Residence Life to arrange a housing assignment.

You may request a specific location and/or roommate or you may fill out a "room preference" form in order to facilitate the best placement for you.

You will receive confirmation of your assignment one or two weeks before the semester is to begin.

If you intend to apply for off-campus housing approval, you should also contact the Office of Residence Life and request the appropriate form. Off-campus eligibility requirements can be found in The Hornet.

Please contact the Office of Residence Life (434.544.8320) if you have any questions about this process.

Enrollment Deposit

You will receive information concerning your enrollment deposit payment which is required for continued enrollment even in the case of a leave of absence. This fee is a required payment each spring to reserve your enrollment, housing, financial aid, and course registration for the upcoming academic year.

Financial Aid

Your financial aid may be affected in various ways by your leave of absence, depending on the length of the leave, the reason for it, and the types of aid that you have.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office (434.544.8228) if you receive financial aid of any kind. A financial aid officer will tell you about reapplying for aid when you return to LC, notifying the lenders of any student loans that you may have, and other information pertinent to your financial aid.

Registration Materials

Registration and pre-registration materials will be sent to you prior to the semester you plan to re-enroll.

The Transfer Student Success Coordinator in Academic Advising will be your primary point of contact as you re-enter Lynchburg College.

Please contact the Registrar's Office (434.544.8218) if you have any questions or do not receive any registration materials.

Study Abroad

If you are taking a leave of absence to study abroad, you need to have all the courses you will take abroad approved prior to leaving LC using the out-of-residence form available in the Registrar's Office.

Please contact the Study Abroad Office (434.544.8675) for additional information.


There will be an out-of-residence fee for maintaining matriculation. See the catalog, Special Fees, for more information.