Careers in Criminology

A degree in criminology offers you a wide variety of possible careers after graduation. A few of these careers are listed below. For help researching careers, visit the Career Services office.  

  • Crime Intelligence Analyst
  • Police Officer
  • Consumer Advocate
  • Detective
  • Corrections or Parole Officer
  • Lawyer
  • Judge
  • Federal Agent (i.e. FBI, CIA, DEA)
  • Paralegal
  • Customs Agent
  • Immigration Officer
  • Fraud Detection and Management
  • Cyber-crime
  • Bailiff
  • Animal Treatment Investigator
  • Child Services
  • Victim Services Specialist
  • Insurance Fraud Investigator
  • Loss Prevention
  • Environmental Security
  • Immigration Customs Enforcement
  • Border Patrol
  • Airport Security
  • Environmental Protection Agent

Rustburg Correctional FacilityTrip to Rustburg Correctional Unit 9

On October 30, 2014, Dr. B. Chad Starks, Assistant Professor of Criminology, and Dr. Kim McCabe, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, took a group of approximately 30 students to tour the Rustburg Correctional Unit 9 located in Rustburg, Virginia. The students viewed the living areas, kitchen and cafeteria, library, farm, computer room, inside and outside recreational area, and area for solitary confinement.

The students met with a number of corrections officials from the facility, as well as a panel of 8 incarcerated men. During the panel session, the men discussed their experiences being incarcerated and some of the conditions leading up to their incarceration. In addition, officials discussed their experiences in corrections and career opportunities in the field. Students were able to ask questions and engage in dialogue with the incarcerated men and officials.

Two students will begin internships at the facility spring 2015.