Add/Drop Summer Courses

Adding and Dropping Courses for a 3-week Term

Students may not enter a new course after the second day of classes.

Students wishing to drop a summer term course use the required drop-add form, available for download here (PDF) or from the Registrar's Office.

Course drops or course withdrawals for 3-week classes are processed as outlined below. Course drops or withdrawals for courses which meet for other than 3-week sessions are prorated based on the 3-week course policy.

  • During First 3 Classes: Courses dropped during the first 3 classes do not become a part of the student's permanent record.
  • After Completion of 3 Classes but before Completion of 10 Classes: A grade of "W" will be assigned for all courses dropped during this period.
  • After 10 Classes: A student may not withdraw.