2007-08 General Education Requirements

WRITTEN COMPOSITION (two courses required) 6
ENGL 111 Composition I
ENGL 112 Composition I
FINE ARTS (one course required) 3
ART 110 Introduction to Visual Art
ART 118 Ceramics I
ART 122 Sculpture I
ART 156 Drawing I
ART 162 Painting I
ART 166 Photography I
FILM 229 Introduction to Film
MUSC 100 Music Appreciation
MUSC 102 World Music and Culture
THEA 101 Introduction to Theatre Arts
THEA 102 Introduction to Technical Theatre and Design
THEA 120 Introduction to Dance
THEA 131 Fundamentals of Acting
FOREIGN LANGUAGE (one course required)* 3
FREN 201 Intermediate French
GRMN 201 Intermediate German
LATN 201 Intermediate Latin
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 205 Intermediate Spanish - Medical
HISTORY (two courses required) 6
HIST 101 History of Civilization
HIST 102 History of Civilization
LABORATORY SCIENCE (two courses required) 8
BIOL 111-111L Organisms, Ecology, and Evolution and Lab
BIOL 112-112L Cells: Genetic and Molecular Perspectives and Lab
CHEM 103-105L Fundamentals of Chemistry and Lab
CHEM 104-106L Fundamentals of Chemistry and Lab
CHEM 127 Chemistry of Life
ENVS 101-101L Earth and Environmental Science I and Lab
ENVS 102-102L Earth and Environmental Science II and Lab
PHYS 141 College Physics
PHYS 142 College Physics
PHYS 161 General Physics I
PHYS 162 General Physics II
PHYS 181 Solar System Astronomy
PHYS 182 Stellar Astronomy
PSYC 103-105L General Psychology and Lab
PSYC 104-106L General Psychology and Lab
SCIE 101 Principles of Science I
SCIE 102 Principles of Science II
LITERATURE (one course required) 3
ENGL 201 Literature Culture I
ENGL 202 Literature Culture II
FREN 207 French Literature in Translation I
FREN 208 French Literature in Translation II
SPAN 208 Contemporary and Hispanic Literature in English Translation
THEA 211 Dramatic Literature I: Classical Greece to Renaissance
THEA 212 Dramatic Literature II: Seventeenth Century to Present
MATHEMATICS (one course required) 3
MATH 103 Calculus I
MATH 105 Problem Solving in Mathematics
MATH 106 Liberal Arts Math
ORAL COMMUNICATION (one course required) 3
COMM 101 Argumentation and Practical Reasoning
THEA 123 Voice and Diction
PHILOSOPHY (one course required) 3
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 101 Introduction to Ethics
RELIGIOUS STUDIES (one course required) 3
RELG 201 Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
RELG 202 New Testament
RELG 205 Religions of Asia
RELG 206 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
SOCIAL SCIENCE (two courses required) 6
ECON 100 Economic Perspectives
ECON 201 Principles of Economics-Micro
ECON 202 Principles of Economics-Macro
INTL 101 Global Politics in the New Millennium
POLI 111 Quest for Justice I
POLI 112 Quest for Justice II
SOCI 100 American Generations
SOCI 201 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 221 Cultural Anthropology
WELLNESS (one course required) 2
HLTH 102 Life Choices for Health and Wellness
HPE 102 Concepts for Exercise and Lifetime Wellness
SENIOR SYMPOSIUM (one course required) 2
G S 435 Senior Symposium
G S 436 Senior Symposium
  Total Hours Required 51

* The foreign language requirement may be waived if a student whose primary language is not English can demonstrate acceptable written and spoken pro- ficiency in his/her native language to members of the foreign language faculty.