What's that hearse doing on campus?

Monday January 17 2011


A lavishly decorated hearse, created by New Orleans artist Kelly Israel, will be parked in front of LC's Daura Gallery on Wednesday afternoon.

Flamingos on the hoodThe hearse, on loan for a few hours from its eight Lynchburg owners, is designed to draw interest in the 4 p.m. opening of an exhibition of American folk art in the Daura Gallery.

Yearning to Breathe Free: Contemporary Self-Taught Art from the Collection of Baron & Ellin Gordon examines both the art - spiritual, whimsical, and raw - and the collectors themselves, whose passion and vision have resulted in a world-class collection.

A leaping frog and flowers in a tea cup are among the 41 works of American folk art on display through March 4, 2011.

The hearse, which is an extraordinary example of self-taught art, is owned by Mollie and Ray Snead; Doris and Jim Peery; Susan Duerson; Cissa Basten; Front headlightand Edna and Denny Vaughan, who have generously agreed to display the vehicle during the opening reception.

View video of the hearse, including the interior:

Also check out video of another hearse by Israel.