What's up, Doc?

Friday February 24 2012


What's Up, Doc? Chuck Jones and the Animation Art of Looney Toons® and Jere Real: 60 Years of Watercolors will be the featured exhibitions at the Daura Gallery March 12 - April 15 with an opening reception at 4 p.m. March 13.

For more than 70 years, the funniest, most recklessly irreverent characters ever drawn on celluloid have been Looney Toons. The split-second timing of Bugs Bunny, the giddy lunacy of Daffy Duck, the befuddled laughter of Elmer Fudd, the hapless machinations of Sylvester the Cat, and a slew of others were the work of animation artist Chuck Jones (1912-2002).

Beginning with theatrical shorts of the 1930s and re-running today on the Cartoon Network ®, they have become international celebrities and a cornerstone of American popular culture. This exhibition explores the Looney Toons characters and their capers as brought to life by Jones and voice artist Mel Blanc under the auspices of the cartoon shop at Warner Bros. Studios. © TM

Dr. Mike Robinson, associate professor of communication studies and popular culture at Lynchburg College, will deliver a Select Sunday lecture in the Daura Gallery on March 18 at 2 p.m., titled, "That's All Folks! Warner Brothers Animation."

Jere Real: 60 Years of Watercolors features the work of a former LC professor. For 30 years, beginning in 1969, Real taught English and film. This was just one of his careers in his life of 74 years, which included the U.S. Air Force, the recording industry, news reporting, and photography. This exhibition of watercolors chronicles his exploration of watercolor media and place.