Tuition help beyond the classroom

Friday April 16 2010


Study abroad, internships, and undergraduate research help make learning fun and relevant. To reach a goal of 100 percent participation in these experiences, Lynchburg College has created Experiential Learning Grants (ELGs) for all full-time undergraduate students to use for winter/summer terms beginning in December 2010.

For many students, the only opportunity to engage in experiential learning is during the winter and summer terms as the demands of both their curricular and co-curricular activities are too great. However, participating in experiential learning during summer and winter terms requires additional tuition expenses, creating barriers that limit student participation.

ELGs are tuition credit vouchers that can be used to cover half of the tuition charges, up to a total of three credits, for these experiences. Every full-time undergraduate will be granted one ELG voucher per year that can be used for up to three credits per year until they graduate.

The ELGs can only be used for summer and winter term programs and have to be used each year. For example, if a student enrolls in a six-credit hour study abroad program, he/she could use an ELG for three credits. If a student enrolls in a three-credit hour internship during winter term, that student could use an ELG of 1½ credits to cover half of the tuition costs for that experience.

"It is our hope that this program will have a positive impact on the number of students enrolling in study abroad, internships, and research experiences," said Mari Normyle, assistant dean of academic advising. "We also expect to see an increase in the number of credit hours generated by this initiative. And, finally, we expect to see an increase in the percentage of students who graduate with one of these experiences."

For more information, contact Mari Normyle at 434.544.8235 or