Students Launch S.O.S. to Save Children's Lives

Friday March 30 2012


Lynchburg College students actively use Facebook, download videos, tweet, and search the internet. In their Social Media Marketing course in the School of Business and Economics (SOBE), students are using their digital savvy to help others.

They have formed Students Opposing Starvation (S.O.S) to help save the lives of malnourished children in East Africa and are organizing a social media campaign targeting LC students, faculty and friends.

Brewed Awakenings, the Westover Room, the Campus Store, and Roly Poly are all cooperating to help collect donations for S.O.S.

Here's how you can help the effort:

  • Give $ toward S.O.S nutritional packages. One $60 contribution or 12 donors giving $5 will save the life of a severely malnourished child in 7 weeks.
  • Spread the Word. Students can easily share this giving opportunity with friends and family through Facebook, email, and texting.
  • Serve in East Africa. Each $5 LC student donor will be entered in the drawing for a 2-week service learning project (valued at $3,500) to work with medical staff in East Africa.

S.O.S is partnering with Kissito Healthcare International (, a Roanoke-based organization that has health care facilities in both Ethiopia and Uganda, and Legacy International (, an international organization that has provided three decades of training to build healtheir communities. Kissito guarantees that 100% of all donated funds go directly to saving children's lives. In addition, Kissito will match each donation, so the impact is doubled.

For more information, visit