From St. Lucia to South Africa

Friday May 17 2013


A total of 79 LC students are participating in faculty-led study abroad programs this summer -- from St. Lucia to South Africa.

globe theatreSeventeen students are studying “London: An Exploration of British Drama,” led by Dr. Robin Bates. The program explores the great plays, playwrights, and playhouses of London from Renaissance Southbank to modern-day Covent Garden. Focusing on studying dramatic literature in historical context and through performance, this program includes workshops with London theatre professionals, plays in the famous playhouses, and other outings.

Sixteen students are studying “South Africa: The Transition from Apartheid to Democracy” with Dr. Lindsay Michie. Students will experience South Africa's art, culture, and history with visits to the Apartheid Museum, Nelson Mandela's house in Soweto, the KwaZulu-Natal Freedom Route, and Robben Island. Other cultural experiences will include a medical mission on the Eastern Cape, trips to two nature reserves and a safari along the Garden Route, whale watching, music, and a play in Cape Town.

Fourteen students are studying “Rising Europe and its Past,” led by Dr. Brian Crim and Dr. Marek Payerhin.  This 22-day program includes travel to Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Students will experience a tour of the Old Jewish district, Schindler’s factory and museum, and former concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Krakow, as well as the Terezin Memorial and Radio Free Europe in Prague. Students will visit the Berlin Wall, Potsdam, Gdank’s Old City, Wolf’s Lair (Hitler's bunker) in Ketrzyn, and many other cities and locations of rich historical significance

Thirteen students are studying “London & Edinburgh: Comparative Criminology” with Dr. Kim McCabe in a program that offers students a view of the fascinating and sometimes dark criminological history of London and Edinburgh and a glimpse of the British penal system of today. By plunging into a world of notorious characters and infamous sites, participants will increase their understanding of the history of criminology, as well as the United Kingdom's general history, literature, and lore.

Ten MBA students are studying “Risk Management in St. Lucia” with Dr. Joe Turek and Dr. Atul Gupta. Students will serve in a consulting a role for various industry sectors in which they will assess risk and make recommendations for managing it.

Five students are studying “Uganda: Community Health in the Global South” with Dr. Todd Olsen. Students travel to the Gulu region of Uganda where they work directly with local leaders and citizens to promote public health initiatives. Dr. Olsen and the Sports Outreach Institute (headquartered in Lynchburg) have extensive experience within the region. See the related story about two recent LC grads who are participating in this program.

Four students are studying “Quebec City: French Language and Culture à la Québecoise” with Dr. Bruce Mayer. This program takes place at LC's newest sister school, Laval University, providing LC students with a language and cultural immersion program. The beautiful city of Quebec and its environs on the St. Lawrence River will provide some great sightseeing.