Sandra Hahn, RN, MS

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Degrees and Certifications

  • BSN, Calvin College
  • MS, University of Michigan


  • Following graduation, I worked as a staff/charge nurse in the western Michigan area for several years.
  • My clinical specialty is adult health with an emphasis on gerontology.
  • For the past fifteen years, I have enjoyed teaching BSN students.

Professional Interests/Research

  • I have always had an interest in the nursing care of older adults. In particular, I am interested in the normal memory changes associated with aging.

Selected Publications

  • Davidhizar, R. & Rozendal, S. (2000). Nursing is your passport to challenge and success. The Journal of Practical Nursing, 50 (3), 9-10.
  • Davidhizar, R., & Rozendal, S. (1998). The art of persuasion. Administrative Radiology Journal, 17 (6), 13-15.
  • Rozendal, S., & Gordon, B. (1997). Distance education: A faculty development manual. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Calvin College.
  • Davidhizar, R., & Rozendal, S. (Winter/Spring 1993-1994) A strategy for winning. Minority Nurse. 20-22, 100.

Information on Courses Taught

  • I have been teaching for the past fifteen years.
  • In the past, I've taught at the University of Michigan, Bethel College, and Calvin College.
  • I joined the faculty of Lynchburg College in the fall of 2001, teaching in the area of adult health.
  • I enjoy using active teaching/learning techniques to foster critical thinking.
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