Parents and Family Weekend

Monday September 19 2011


Parents and families of LC students will have an opportunity to share in the LC experience this weekend during the College's annual Parents and Family Weekend event. A wide variety of activities will be held including athletic games, concerts, celebrations of student achievements, receptions, social events, and church services.

According to Jan Sigler, director of Parents Programs, this weekend is an excellent opportunity for parents to experience the many facets of campus life. "Freshman parents in particular will have a chance to see for themselves how their students are settling in," Sigler said. "Parents often only know what's going on with their children, but during this weekend, parents will have a chance to attend classes, meet with faculty, attend classes, join the recognition ceremonies for students' achievements, and enjoy the 'busyness' of our campus community."

Parents and Family Weekend is one of the largest weekend events of the academic year. "Usually, we have 1,000 or more people attend events on campus," Sigler explained. "This weekend is a wonderful way to keep our parents involved and strengthen their connection with the College," she added. "I always get excited about this weekend. I love it."