Olitski at the Daura

Thursday March 10 2011



La Boca Love Song, 1988

Jules Olitski: An Inside View, A Survey of Prints, 1954-2007 is at the Daura Gallery through April 15.

In 1969, Olitski was the first living American artist to be given a solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This exhibition tracks Olitski's artistic dialogue across six decades, from his earliest prints of the 1960s - expanses of nuanced color reflecting the tonal discoveries of his Color Field paintings - to his monotypes, a medium he passionately embraced from the 1990s until his death in 2007. This exhibition, organized by writer, collector, and curator Judith Stein, is on loan to the Daura Gallery from the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Without Sin, 1994

Olitski is celebrated for his lyrical "Color Field" paintings - large format abstractions with shimmering fields of color. Less well-known are his smaller, more intimate prints in the media of woodcut, intaglio, silkscreen, lithograph and monotype. An Inside View tracks Olitski's continually reformulated artistic dialogue across six decades.

Olitski was born in Russia in 1922, a few months before his father was executed by the Soviet government. His mother and grandmother soon emigrated with him to the United States, settling in Brooklyn. Olitski studied art at the National Academy School of Fine Arts and the Beaux-Arts Institute, and he earned an MA from New York University. He had his first solo exhibition in 1951 at Galerie Huit in Paris, and his first New York show in 1959 at French & Company. Olitski continued to paint and exhibit until his death, at age 84, in February 2007.

Virginia Landscapes: Pierre Daura Watercolors remains up through May 27. The twenty-four watercolors comprising this exhibition demonstrate Catalan-American artist Pierre Daura's deep involvement with the rural scene in all its aspects and the landscape itself - country roads, woodlands, and the majestic presence of Jump and House Mountains in Rockbridge County, Virginia. In summer 1934, Daura and his family moved from France to Rockbridge Baths, Va., where Daura began the first of what would be a lifelong series of oils, watercolors, and temperas depicting the Blue Ridge region of Virginia. Learn more about Pierre Daura.