LC is in recovery mode

Monday July 9 2012


Lynchburg College is closed through Friday, July 6th to all but personnel essential to the on-going clean-up efforts following Friday night’s high winds and widespread loss of electricity to the region. With power out throughout the campus, LC maintenance and grounds crews are working feverishly to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Summer school classes (undergraduate and graduate) have been cancelled for the entire week, and the Summer Reading Clinic scheduled for this week has also been cancelled. The Governor’s School session slated to open on Sunday has been postponed, with officials saying that a decision about next week will be made Thursday afternoon, July 5th.

Most students attending summer school as well as those scheduled to work on campus this week have returned home. Students and student workers who were not able to return home have been relocated for their safety and comfort.

The public, as well as LC faculty and staff who are not needed for clean-up, are asked NOT to come to campus. Also, people are requested not to call the main campus telephone number for information but to check the weather information line at 434.544.7669(SNOW). Updates will also be made at least on a daily basis to the LC Twitter account and to the College Facebook page as well as on the home page of the College website or the college’s mobile website.

School officials advise LC faculty and staff with questions or concerns to contact their immediate supervisor or their school dean. Information regarding summer school classes (undergraduate and graduate) will be announced as decisions are made. College maintenance personnel are unsure as to when power will be restored to the entire campus, and are also unclear at this point when all cleanup and repair will be completed. Therefore, decisions regarding reopening the campus will be revisited at week’s end.

However, despite the devastation on campus, there is good news. Nobody was hurt, no major damage was sustained to campus buildings or infrastructure, and not a single red chair was harmed!

Photo Credit: Toy Ayers