LC receives grant to launch new program in St. Lucia

Monday August 19 2013


St. LuciaLynchburg College has received a grant award from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund in the amount of $95,000 over two years to support the establishment of an off-site program in St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean. Check out coverage in The News & Advance.

After 10 years of providing educational programs in St. Lucia, LC will open a branch campus on the island in early 2014 near the capital city of Castries. For accreditation purposes by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the branch campus will be termed an “off-site program” of Lynchburg College. 

Program offerings will be designed to respond to educational needs in St. Lucia as well as other countries within the Eastern Caribbean. Instructional format will be primarily face-to-face with support through Lynchburg College’s Internet resources.

The Jessie Ball duPont grant funds will support personnel, computer equipment, classroom/office furnishings, and marketing and recruitment within St. Lucia and other nearby nations associated with the U.S. Embassy in Barbados and Eastern Caribbean. 

“Lynchburg College is most appreciative of the continuing support from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, particularly for this unique program in St. Lucia that will provide critical education not now available on the island and that will strengthen international service opportunities for our American students,” said LC President Kenneth Garren.

Dr. Edward Polloway, dean of graduate studies at LC, said the College is undertaking this significant extension because of positive feedback from the programs LC has offered.

“We are building on our past success both on the island and at our main campus,” he said. “We are committed to providing high quality programs that will meet the individual needs of enrolled students and the broader needs of the nation of St. Lucia and beyond.” Dr. Polloway added that the new St. Lucia programs also will provide a study abroad opportunity and professional clinical experience for LC students.

Wendy BaileyJenevie Wendy Bailey (right), a native of St. Lucia who earned a bachelor’s and master’s at LC and has nearly completed her EdD in educational leadership, has been named director of the Lynchburg College St. Lucia campus. 

“With the LC presence in St. Lucia we are better able to meet the needs of this developing island state right here in St. Lucia without having to leave the comfort of this beautiful island,” Bailey said. “I am thrilled to be associated with an institution like LC as we provide educational programs to meet the needs of our communities. “

Specific areas of study are now under consideration and initially will include undergraduate programs in special education and elementary education, with several other programs under review. These programs will enable students to build on prior coursework so they can earn a baccalaureate degree, which is not available on-site in St. Lucia.

Graduate programs currently under initial consideration include the Master of Education (MEd) in educational leadership, special education, and reading; and the Master of Science (MS) in criminal justice leadership and nursing. These degree programs will be consistent with the requirements of such programs on LC’s home campus and will meet all accreditation standards. Other programs will be considered subsequently.

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