Kenneth Wagner, PhD, JD

Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology


PhD Public Policy and Administration, Virginia Commonwealth University

MS Criminal Justice, Virginia Commonwealth University

BS Sociology, Virginia Commonwealth University


Dr. Wagner is interested in the influence of religion on public policy, authoritarianism within the criminal justice system, and legal issues. In his spare time he enjoys playing with his daughter, spending time with his wife, reading, playing with his dogs, and going to the movies.

Recent Professional Activity

  • Publication w/Owen, S. 2006. Explaining School Corporal Punishment: Evangelical Punishment and Social Capital in a Path Model. Social Justice Research, 19:4, 471-499.
  • Publication w/Owen, S. 2008. The Specter of Authoritarianism Among Criminal Justice Majors. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 19:1, 30-53.
  • Publication w/Parsons-Pollard, N. 2013. A Replication of The Specter of Authoritarianism Among Criminal Justice Majors: Does Race Matter? Journal of Criminal Justice Education 24:3, 402-416.

Dr. Wagner is also a faculty advisor to the Sociology Club and Pre-Law Society.

Carnegie 122