Jennifer Styrsky, PhD

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Degrees and Certifications

  • BA, Biology with Honors, University of Chicago, 1993
  • PhD, Biology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2003


  • Assistant Professor of environmental science: Lynchburg College, 2014-present
  • Adjunct Professor of biology: Lynchburg College, 2011-2013
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow: Department of Biological Sciences, Auburn University
  • Herpetology Collections Manager, Auburn University Natural History Museum
  • Instructor of biology: Southern Union State Community College
  • Field biologist: U.S. Department of Defense (Panama), Illinois Natural History Survey, Conservation Research Foundation (Idaho), Hastings Natural History Reservation (California), Brookfield Conservation Park (South Australia)

Teaching Areas

  • Introductory Biology
  • Introductory Environmental Science

Professional Interests/Research

  • Avian life-history ecology and evolution

Selected examples of my work

  • Styrsky, J. N. and Brawn, J.D. 2011. Annual fecundity of a Neotropical bird during years of high and low rainfall. Condor 113:194-199.
  • Brawn, J. D., Angher. G., Davros, N., Robinson, W.D., Styrsky, J.N., and Tarwater, C.E. 2011. Sources of variation in the nesting success of understory tropical birds. Journal of Avian Biology 42:61-68.
  • Styrsky, J. N., Brawn, J.D, and Robinson, S.K. 2005. Juvenile mortality increases with clutch size in a Neotropical bird. Ecology 86:3238-3244.
  • W. D. Robinson, Styrsky, J.N., and Brawn, J.D. 2005. Are artificial bird nests effective surrogates for estimating predation on real bird nests? A test with tropical birds. Auk 122:843-852.
  • Styrsky, J. N. 2005.Influence of predation on nest-site reuse by an open-cup nesting Neotropical passerine. Condor 107:133-137.