India, The Bahamas, or Rome

Monday December 21 2009


Nearly 60 Lynchburg College students will be studying abroad during winter break in a variety of cultures and climes.

Dr. Sabita Manian, professor of political science and international relations, and Dr. Brian Crim, assistant professor of history, will take 12 students to India for a service learning experience, "The Indian NGO Community and its Relief Efforts." Students will participate in relief and recovery efforts in the tsunami-ravaged eastern coast in proximity to the bustling Indian city of Chennai. The 15-day program will also include visits to ruins, temples, state parks, and the world famous Taj Mahal.

Dr. Kari Benson, associate professor of biology, will take nine students to The Bahamas for "The Ecology of the West Indian System." Students will literally dive into the ecology of the West Indian Coral reef ecosystem. They will learn to identify reef species and study the life history, ecology, and behavior of these organisms. The 12-day program will largely take place on San Salvador with some visits to nearby islands and reefs.

Dr. Delane Karalow, assistant professor of art; Barbara Rothermel, director of the Daura Gallery; Dr. David Lipani, professor of English; and Steve Coates, adjunct professor of photography, will take 36 students to Rome to study "The Eternal City: Rome as Art and Museum." Fine Arts students will experience some of the greatest art and architecture the world has ever produced, while literature students will visit sites and enjoy excursions related to the literary masterpieces from antiquity to the Renaissance. Photography students will also have the opportunity to capture Rome on film during this 18-day trip.

Four students from Virginia Tech, Sweet Briar College, Randolph College, and Rollins College in Florida will be participating in LC's study abroad programs.