Get on the bus

Friday August 19 2011


Students, faculty, and staff can ride the Greater Lynchburg Transit Co. (GLTC) buses throughout the city at no charge with a valid college ID again this year.

This program, which began in the fall of 2010, is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the campus community as it continues its second Year of Sustainability. Last year, members of the LC community boarded GLTC buses more than 10,000 times.

Dr. David Perault, associate professor of environmental science, has created a web page to demystify the bus schedule.

"I have developed a lab for my introductory environmental science class where we ride the bus to Walmart to investigate sustainability and country of origin issues," Dr. Perault said. "In doing so, I made a trial run from LC to Walmart, and realized it can be a bit confusing, and I am a veteran bus rider who tries to take the bus to campus once a week."

GLTC will be at check-in and at the Organization Fair in September. Bus schedules are available on line.