George Schuppin, PhD

Associate Professor

Education and Training

  • PhD, East Carolina Medical School, Greenville, North Carolina
  • MS, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
  • BS, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

Scholarly Activity

Journal Articles

  • Schuppin GT, Pons S, Hugl S, Aiello LP, King GL, White M, Rhodes CJ. A specific increased expression of insulin receptor substrate 2 in pancreatic β-cell lines is involved in mediating serum-stimulated β-cell growth. Diabetes 1998; 47:1074-1085.
  • Schuppin GT, Rhodes CJ, Specific coordinated regulation of PC3 and PC2 gene expression with that of preproinsulin in insulin producing beta-TC3 cells. Biochem J. 1996; 313:259-268.
  • Skelly RH, Schuppin GT, Ishihara H, Oka Y, Rhodes CJ. Glucose-induced translational regulation of proinsulin biosynthesis and that of the proinsulin processing endopeptidases PC2 and PC3 in MIN6 cells. Diabetes 1996; 45:37-43.
  • Alarcon C, Leahy JL, Schuppin GT, Rhodes CJ. Increased secretory demand rather than a defect in the proinsulin conversion mechanism causes hyperinsulinemia in a glucose-infusion rat model of non-insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus. J. Clin. Invest 1995: 95:1032-1039.
  • Olszewski S, Deeney JT, Schuppin GT, Williams KP, Corkey BE, Rhodes CJ. Rab 3A effector domain peptides induce insulin exocytosis via a specific interaction with a cytosolic protein doublet. J. Biol. Chem. 1994; 269(45):27987-27991.
  • Bonner-Weir S, Baxter LA, Schuppin GT, Smith FE. A second pathway for regeneration of the adult exocrine and endocrine pancreas: a possible recapitulation of embryonic development. Diabetes 1993; 421715-1720.
  • Schuppin GT, Bonner-Weir S, Montana E, Kaiser N, Weir G. Replication of adult pancreatic beta-cells cultured on bovine corneal endothelial cell extracellular matrix. In Vitro Cell Dev. Biol. Animal. 1993; 29A(4):339-344.
  • Schuppin GT, Brinn JE, Fletcher DJ. Effects of combined secretagogues and extracellular calcium on neonatal insulin release. Regul. Pept. 1990; 27:237-246.
  • VanKrey HP, Schuppin GT, Denbow DM, Huley RM. Turkey breeder hen infertility associated with plasma cells in the uterovaginal sperm storage glands. Theriogenology 1987; 27:913-922.
  • Schuppin GT, VanKrey HP, Denbow DM, Bakst MR, Meyer BG. Ultrastructural analysis of uterovaginal sperm storage glands in fertile and infertile turkey breeder hens. Poult. Sci. 1984; 63:1872-1882.


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Journal Cover

  • Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism 1994; 5(2).

Book Chapter

  • Newgard CB, Quaade C, Thigpen A, Hohmeir HE, Tran VV, Kruse F, Han H-P, Schuppin G, Clark S. Engineering of cell lines for diabetes therapy. Tissue Engineering for Therapeutic Use 3. Editors Ikada Y, Yamaoka Y, Elsevier Science B.V., 1999, pp. 133-139.
  • Herbert TP, Alarcon C, Skelly RH, Bollheimer LC, Schuppin GT, Rhodes CJ. Regulation of prohormone conversion by co-ordinated control of processing endopeptidase biosynthesis with that of the prohormone substrate. Proteolytic and Cellular Mechanisms in Prohormone and Proprotein Processing. Editor Hook VYH, R. G. Landes, Co., Austin Texas, 1998, pp 105-120.