Bill Noel, MFA

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Professor Noel's interest in the visual and creative arts sprang from a childhood love of drawing, playing music, and making things. As a professional musician in Dallas, Texas, he was introduced to the world of video broadcasting. It was an instant fit and offered the creative outlet he had been looking for.

Professor Noel is the producer of "The American Acoustic Guitar," a historical documentary on lutherie. During the production, he built the guitars he played on the soundtrack. He also developed "The Arc of Production," a practical guide for media producers, which demystifies the process of taking a project from start to finish.

Professor Noel previously taught at Sam Houston State University, specializing in event production with more than 500 field productions including sports, music, speeches, awards shows, and parades. Additionally, he oversaw the nightly cable newscast.

As creative director of the Donovan Media Development Center at Lynchburg College, Professor Noel has directed dozens of client media projects ranging from fundraising DVDs, event videos, television commercials and high definition video, to radio spots. The DMDC affords students the opportunity to participate with a working professional on real-world projects - not just classroom practice.

In the classroom, Professor Noel's childhood fascination with all things creative is a fully realized dream. His classes include basic media production, video basics, editing, motion graphics and high-end compositing, as well as audio. His expertise extends from single camera field production to studio projects, to producing and directing, to editing and 2D animation. A common thread through his classes is "The Arc of Production," which firmly grounds students in organization early on so that their upper level work will reach its fullest potential.

Schewel 333