From Australia to Uganda

Tuesday May 11 2010


About 70 LC students will be studying abroad this summer in programs exploring Australia, Costa Rica, the European Union, Quebec, South Korea, St. Lucia, and Uganda.

Australia: The Exciting Culture of Down Under, led by Dr. David Lipani and Barbara Rothermel, explores literature, museums, and historical sites to introduce students to the vibrancy of cosmopolitan Melbourne and Sydney. There will be additional stays in Canberra, the Australian capital, and Brisbane. Visits to national parks and Aboriginal cultural centers will further enhance the group's experience.

Costa Rica: The Ecology of the Rain Forest, led by Dr. Tom Shahady, looks at the ecology and environmental science at an Instituto Monteverde field station in the Costa Rican rain forest. The Monteverde zone is a rural highland where the main industries of dairy farming, coffee production, and eco-tourism co-exist adjacent to pristine cloud forest reserves. The Monteverde Reserve protects more than 100,000 acres of endangered tropical forest. While in Costa Rica, students will also visit the capital city of San Jose and coastal regions.

European Union Seminar: The Politics and Economics of the EU, led by Dr. Ed DeClair and Dr. Dan Messerschmidt, examines the historical and contemporary context of European integration and the expansion of the European Union. The program will include site visits and lectures in Brussels and Strasbourg, two cities known as the "Crossroads of Europe." Students will also visit battlefields from the wars of the 20th century. While in Austria, the group will spend time at LC's sister school, Fachhochschule Vorarlberg, and continue on to Vienna and Hungary. One of the final briefings will be a meeting with parliamentarians in the Hungarian legislature.

Quebec City: French Language and Culture à la Québecoise, led by Dr. Bruce Mayer, offers a "European" experience in one of the oldest cities in North America while studying at LC's newest sister school. Laval University will host LC students for a language and cultural immersion program, which includes language instruction, a home-stay experience, and cultural activities. The beautiful city of Quebec and its environs on the St. Lawrence River will provide some great sight-seeing.

St. Lucia: Island Exploration through Service-Learning, led by Adam Dean, encourages students to make a difference and interact with the local culture by participating in an international service learning experience. Students in the communication studies course will produce documentaries with the Ministry of Tourism.

South Korea: An Intercultural Exploration of Korean Culture at Hannam University, led by Dr. Virginia Cylke, takes students to LC's sister university in Daejeon, South Korea. Classes focus on Korean language and culture while students explore Buddhist temples and taste Korean cuisine. The program's "buddy system" pairs LC students with Hannam students to foster cross-cultural understanding and friendship building. Activities include pottery-making, karaoke night, and a two-day excursion to Seoul, the South Korean capital.

Uganda: Community Health in the Global South, led by Dr. Todd Olsen, explores the Gulu region of Uganda where students will work directly with local leaders and citizens to promote public health initiatives. Dr. Olsen and the Sports Outreach Institute (headquartered in Lynchburg) have extensive experience in the region. This hands-on tour will allow students to examine the importance of community health and well-being and its impact on development.