Brand Policy

The LC Brand

The Lynchburg College brand, or identity, is the image we each present of the vibrant LC community to the universal marketplace. To be as unified as possible in this endeavor, the branding standards herein are designed to ensure we present a consistent LC image.

The College identity begins with its mission - "to develop students to have strong character and balanced perspectives, to prepare them for intelligent and wholehearted participation in a global society and for effective leadership in the civic, professional, spiritual, and social dimensions of life."

Built from that mission is the LC branding statement, crafted and endorsed by the College Marketing Committee - "Lynchburg College is a nationally recognized private college in Virginia that goes above and beyond to challenge, engage, and inspire students to succeed in a global society."

The Lynchburg College brand promise - to challenge, engage, and inspire - is used to illustrate the many ways LC students go above and beyond to enhance their academic/personal growth and development and how LC goes above and beyond to help students achieve their goals.

LC's primary brand drivers (talking points) include academic rigor, student/faculty interaction (small classes), student/faculty research, community service, study abroad opportunities, diverse student leadership opportunities, a broad program of varsity, intramural, and club sports and a strong sense of campus community.

In addition to the College name, the LC tagline - "Going Above & Beyond" - is the primary strategic visual to be integrated into marketing information delivered to LC audiences. This is used in the form of either the Going Above and Beyond graphic image or written as text, depending upon the visual venue. Use of the LC Hornet is outlined below.

Brand Basics

All divisions/programs/offices of the College will integrate the LC brand into all print, electronic, and promotional messaging. College Communications and Marketing (CCM), acting on behalf of the College Marketing Committee, is responsible for brand integrity and oversight campus-wide and works closely with all campus entities to ensure appropriate branding.

External Audience Messages

All marketing initiatives targeting off-campus, external audiences will be produced in strategic collaboration with the College Communications and Marketing (CCM) Office re: concept, content, branding, and vendor art/proofs (434.544.8325 or

Internal Audience Messages

Those creating marketing initiatives targeted to internal LC audiences are encouraged to contact CCM (434.544.8325 or to maximize your product's impact.

LC Website

The College's public website has a primary target audience of prospective students and their parents. Secondary audiences include current students, their parents, alumni, faculty, staff, retirees, community partners, and friends of LC.

CCM has oversight responsibilities for the LC (external) website, its content and tone, and the branding therein, and works closely with campus colleagues to develop and maintain site information.

CCM is responsible for up-to-date content site-wide and requests that accurate changes be made in a timely manner. CCM's web content coordinator works with campus colleagues to facilitate content upgrades but will also make unilateral content changes as are deemed appropriate (due to page inactivity, outdated information, etc.).

For more information about the College's external website, contact CCM at 434.544.8325 or

Social Media

CCM has oversight responsibility for the College's social media presence. Any division, School, program, athletic team, or student club/organization beginning a Facebook, Twitter, or other social media presence will start by meeting with CCM representatives to discuss branding, logo/image usage, and messaging. CCM requires administrative rights to all campus social media accounts, to be used only in the event of inappropriate messaging or neglect of a given account. For more information about establishing a social media presence, contact CCM at 434.544.8325 or

Representatives of any division, School, program, student club/organization, or individual utilizing any social media account to transmit information as a member of the College community will maintain a professional, appropriate written presence whenever posting.

LC's comprehensive social media policy is at

Print Materials

All LC printed materials for external audiences will be produced in concert with CCM's publications team. To begin the production process, contact CCM at 434.544.8325.

Those producing printed materials for internal audiences are encouraged to consult with the CCM publications team to maximize product potential.

For print background purposes, review the LC lexicon - /lexicon - and the LC style guide - /styleguide.

Promotional Items

All LC divisions/Schools/programs/offices responsible for the design and distribution of promotional materials (shirts, cups, hats, etc.) to be seen off-campus will begin that planning process by meeting with representatives from CCM.

All LC student organizations responsible for the design and distribution of promotional materials (shirts, cups, hats, etc.) will also begin the planning process by meeting with representatives from CCM (434.544.8325).

All vendor proofs are to be reviewed by CCM before any purchase is completed.


CCM oversees the College's primary photography archive system, providing access to thousands of photographs. Photo requests or photography needs begin with this form - /photorequest - to determine your visual needs. You may also contact CCM at 434.544.8325 to initiate a photography discussion.

Media Relations

All requests from media outlets and for media exposure (by students, faculty, or staff) are handled by CCM's Shannon Brennan, director of media relations. Should a call come directly to any LC office from a media representative, the caller must first be in contact with Ms. Brennan. If that has not happened, direct the caller to Ms. Brennan (434.544.8609) or CCM (544.8325) for a full discussion of how the media request can best be fulfilled.


To ensure consistency of LC's strategic branding goals, all campus-wide advertising needs - local, state, regional, national, and international - these efforts are facilitated by CCM. To begin a dialogue about any advertising needs your office may have, contact CCM at 434.544.8325.

Public Relations

CCM plans, coordinates, and facilitates a variety of public relations activities campus-wide, both on and off premises. Contact CCM at 434.544.8325 to discuss LC public relations opportunities.

College Logo

The LC logo is an integral part of the Lynchburg College brand, officially depicted in two ways:

Find College colors as part of the logo policy at /logo. Contact CCM for further information (434.544.8325) or for consultation on products for which the logo will be used, or to discuss acceptable ways to use the logo and/or "LC" lettering on various products.

For video logo use, contact CCM for appropriate electronic logo and other College images.

College Seal

The College seal is only for use on official College documents, such as diplomas, invitations, ceremonial documents, and honors and awards and is not to be used on any promotional items.

Going Above & Beyond Graphic

The Going Above & Beyond graphic image is not a logo and is not to be used adjacent to the College logo in any publication. Use of the Going Above and Beyond text is acceptable in concert with the College logo. Contact CCM (434.544.8325) for details on best use of LC graphics/logos/images in any medium.

LC Hornet

The LC Hornet is not an official College logo and is primarily identified with the athletics program. Always "facing right," the Hornet may be printed in any single color of choice but if it appears in a two-color version, the College red and black/gray is the color combination to be used. Variations on these Hornet colors are subject to a meeting with CCM.

Any College athletic program, division, School/program, office, or student group interested in utilizing the Hornet (in print or electronic format) should contact CCM (434.544.8325) to determine appropriate ways to do so.

The Hornet may not be modified in any way, including additions or removals of portions of the logo.

2-color hornet image - not for download all-red hornet image - not for download black and white hornet image - not for download


Enforcement of this policy will be addressed with the divisional leaders in those areas not in compliance.