Guide for Hosting Club Sport Events

To Do List For Hosting Club Sport Events

2+ months:

  • Brainstorm event themes and goals (fundraiser vs. clinic vs. benefit)
  • Create balance sheet (projected expenses vs. projected revenue)
  • Set dates for event (first, second, third choice)
  • Submit Event Request to Club Sport Coordinator to reserve facility (Shellenberger field/practice fields/Turner Gym/Wake Field House)
  • Reserve facility off-campus as backup if necessary
  • Advertise event
  • Contact local hotels and negotiate room rates for teams (if necessary)
  • Gather/release all available information to teams

7 weeks:

  • Maintain contact with the teams and let them know where to send the checks (Lynchburg College Intramural Department attn: Steve Bradney)
  • Provide information on event to Coordinator for publication on team website

4-6 weeks:

  • Assign tasks to all club members involved
  • Maintain communication with Coordinator.
  • Be sure visiting teams submit their entry/official fees, thus securing their spot
  • Post participating teams on website or list in advertising
  • Create visiting team e-mail list.
  • Post a schedule as soon as possible

3 weeks:

  • Begin to gather necessary supplies for the event. For example: Air horn, trash bags, tables, chairs, tent, stopwatch, water coolers, ice chests (AT Staff), markers, pens, schedules, T-shirts, trophies, tools, poster board, scoreboard, etc.
  • Verify schedule to Coordinator with start and end times
  • Create pools, tournament or game schedule and send out to teams

2 weeks:

  • Double-check all equipment and supply needs
  • Schedule field painting, lights (if necessary) and key check-out with Coordinator

1 week:

  • Line fields (if necessary)
  • Contact teams regarding any last-minute questions
  • Gather all equipment for day-of setup
  • Check playing surface and make arrangements for repairs if needed

Day before:

  • Check out key(s) as needed
  • Check playing surface
  • Move all equipment and supplies to fields

Day of:

Before the Games

  • Field set-up, including cones, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Fill coolers with water and ice bags
  • Secure first aid kit
  • Hold captains meeting and ensure all teams have signed waiver
  • Treat first aid as needed and complete accident report
  • Place trash cans around the fields; check and empty them often

After the Games

  • Clean fields of debris including tape, food and other trash
  • Put away all field makers (cones, flags), tables, chairs
  • Empty and wipe down coolers and return to AT room
  • Return any keys to Coordinator
  • Return any other equipment to sheds and report anything unusual to Coordinator
  • Make list of things that went well and things that you can improve upon for next time

Day After:

  • Return keys if not already done so
  • Submit forms (accident reports, etc.)
  • Schedule meeting with Coordinator to evaluate event
  • Send e-mail thanking visiting teams and requesting comments and feedback