Pay by Credit Card Application Form

Lynchburg College Bookstore

Credit/Debit Card Payment Authorization

Please complete and fax to the College Cashier's Office 434.544.8658

Student's Name _________________________________________

Student's Date of Birth ______________

I hereby authorize Lynchburg College to enter the following charges on my credit card as listed below:

  • Monthly College Account payments of $___________ or write BALANCE in the blank to have account balance charged on the 15th of each month. If BALANCE is written in, no finance charge or account hold will occur.
  • Monthly Tuition payments of $______________to have payments made on 15th of each month.
  • One-time College Account deposit/payment of $___________.
  • One-time LC Express deposit of $___________.
  • One-time Tuition Account payment of $__________.

Please note:  Each year you will need to submit this form a monthly payent option.  If your card expires during the school year, you need resubmit this form to authorize future auto payments or call 434 544-8246 or 434 544-8217 or 434 544-8606 with new expiration date.

Name of card owner ______________________________________________________
Billing Address of the Credit Card _________________________________________________________________
Zip Code ___________

E-mail Address:____________________________________________________
Phone # ___________________________(daytime)

• Type of card: ____ Visa ____ MasterCard ____ Discover

Account number ______________________________________________
Expiration Date _________________ Security Code on back of card________

Authorized Signature ________________________________
Date ________________

Print this form out and fax to 434.544.8658.

* Please note that any unpaid miscellaneous items will be charged to your credit card with your final payment in June of each year for non-seniors, and on April 15 for seniors.