Withdrawals and Tuition Refunds

Before the Semester Begins

Students are enrolled in Lynchburg College for the full academic session. However, tuition will be billed on a semester basis. Therefore, for withdrawals prior to the beginning of a semester, a full credit is given for that semester's charges.

After the Semester Begins

If a student withdraws or is separated from the College for any reason other than a disability once the semester has started, a credit for fees charged (tuition, room and board) is given on the following basis:

Refund Schedule Refund Rate
Weeks 1-2 90 percent
Weeks 3-4 50 percent
Weeks 5-8 25 percent

After the eighth week of the semester, there is no credit.

Special Circumstances

For a medical withdrawal in which the student is disabled for the remainder of the semester as certified by a legally qualified physician, a credit is given for the prorated (unused) portion of semester fees (prorated).

In the event the College takes a recess from classes during a pandemic, students will continue to be enrolled. There would be no credit for the semester charges for tuition, room or board unless a student officially withdraws. In those cases, the credit would be based on which week in the semester the student officially withdraws.

Refunds and Financial Aid

Federal regulations governing Title IV financial aid programs require that the aid office determine the amount of the refund that must be paid back to the financial aid programs if the student received aid for educational expenses. Therefore, some or all of a student's credit may be allocated to financial aid programs and not refunded to the student.