2012 Conference on Aging

The Beard Center on Aging's annual conference was held on May 22, 2012, with community sponsors including the Centra Foundation, Centra Mental Health Services, and Centra Rehabilitation and Senior Care Services.

Keynote Speakers:

Nikki Giovanni: The Art of Aging Gracefully

World-renowned poet, writer, communicator, activist, and educator, Ms. Giovanni shared her personal stories, thoughts, and wisdom on aging and aging gracefully. She is the author of more than 30 books and a contributor to Audacious Aging, a book which shares thought-provoking stories about aging while challenging ageism.

Peter Betz, M.D.: The Golden Years: Managing the Challenges of Aging

As we age, our brain changes, and we may experience mental health issues that create challenges for us and our family members. Dr. Betz, geriatric psychologist and medical doctor for Centra's Senior Psychiatric Program, discussed mental health changes such as depression and dementia that commonly affect the older population.

Twenty-three workshops on a variety of topics related to positive aging advocacy, Alzheimer's Disease and related dementia, and professional development were held. Multiple vendors were also on hand with information on a range of aging-related topics.