Honors in Art

Professor Bryant works with a design studentProject Proposal Guidelines

The purpose of the honors project proposal is to provide art faculty with a detailed explanation of the your intended honors project.

It is your responsibility to demonstrate the importance and merit of your creative work in order for your project to be approved. All full-time art faculty members must approve your proposal.

The honors project will consist of a substantial body of work that has visual coherence and conceptual clarity at a level beyond that of a "B" or "above average." The amount of work must considerably exceed the requirements for the senior thesis exhibition.

A written defense of your project will be required, and a public presentation will be the culminating event for the project. You will be responsible for scheduling and advertising the public presentation - including reserving an appropriate venue for the event.

The proposal must be well written, free of grammatical, spelling and mechanical errors, logically structured with appropriate transitions, and properly edited.

A minimum of 5 double-spaced pages is expected.

Your Honors in Art proposal must contain:

  • A comprehensive description of the art project that is sufficiently detailed to demonstrate careful forethought and serious consideration.
  • A discussion of how the project relates to your course of study at Lynchburg College.
  • A discussion of relevant background material using both historical and contemporary art influences. This section will provide the context for your project within the larger art world.
  • An explanation of why your project has merit; that is, "Why will my project serve as an exemple of excellence in studio or graphic design art practice?"
  • A detailed timeline for completion and deadline for public presentation of the project (including a list of possible venues).