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A robust endowment is one of the main factors in ensuring an institution’s financial and academic strength over the long term. At Lynchburg College, we are committed to increasing our endowment so we can recruit and support the most talented students and faculty and provide our students with an educational experience that prepares them to be effective leaders in their careers as well as in the civic, spiritual, and social dimensions of their lives.

The Power of an Endowed Gift

The power of an endowed gift is compelling: It serves the institution in perpetuity. An endowed gift becomes part of the donor’s legacy as it ensures a scholarship year after year; as it enables countless students to study abroad; as it sustains a research program so it can provide sound, longitudinal results; as it provides two cans of red paint every April to touch up the Adironack chairs on the Dell.

For information about endowed funds at Lynchburg College, contact the LC Advancement Office at 434.544.8289 or 800.621.1669.

Naming Opportunities
Named School $10,000,000
Named Endowed Dept $5,000,000
Distinguished Faculty Chair $1,500,000
Endowed Lectureship $1,000,000
Visiting Professor or Artist Endowment $750,000
Endowed Professorship $500,000
Full Master’s Degree Scholarship $250,000
Centennial Scholarship Fund $100,000
Technology/Equipment Fund $100,000
School Program Fund $50,000
Faculty Development Fund $50,000
Merit Scholarship Fund $50,000
Undergraduate Scholarship Fund $25,000
Study Abroad Scholarship $25,000
Research Fund $25,000
Endowed Library Fund $25,000
Unrestricted Endowment Fund $25,000
Graduate Scholarship Fund $10,000