T. Gibson Hobbs Memorial Award Nomination Form

The T. Gibson Hobbs Memorial Award is the highest honor given to alumni of Lynchburg College who have devoted themselves to service to church, community, and alma mater.

Nomination Deadline

Nominations for 2015 awards will be accepted through February 15, 2015.

Nomination Criteria

Eligibility requirements: Individuals will be considered who attended Lynchburg College for at least 2 years and graduated from an accredited college or university at least 10 years prior to their nomination.

Criteria for selection: The nominee must display a truly exemplary record of service in 3 areas: church (interpreted in as broad an ecumenical manner as deemed appropriate), community, and alma mater. Outstanding service in 1 or 2 of the areas is not sufficient.

Nominations: Accepted from Lynchburg College alumni only. If you have a nominee to suggest and are not an alumnus of LC, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations.

Other: This honor may be posthumously bestowed.

Questions? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations, 434.544.8293, 800.621.1669, or .

Nomination Form

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Note: Only LC alumni may make a Hobbs Award nomination.

Nominee Information

Please indicate how the nominee has made a contribution to society in EACH of these four areas:

Alma Mater Civic Professional Religious
List any other consideration (i.e. civic groups, advanced degrees, professional societies, volunteerism, etc)

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