The Big Picture: Academics at LC

Credit Hours

Unlike high school, where courses are measured in units, college- and university-level courses are measured in credit hours. Most courses are three credit hours. To graduate from LC, you need 124 credit hours. That’s roughly 41 courses.

To graduate on time, you need to take 15.5 credit hours each semester, or about five courses. The minimum number of hours per semester you can take and still be considered a full-time student is 12, and the maximum hours you can take without paying overload fees is 18. Try to stay between 15-18 hours each semester so you can graduate on time!

General Education, Majors and Minors

The 124 hours you need to graduate are divided into General Education, majors, minors, and elective credit.

All students complete the same general education courses (51 hours). General education courses give you the knowledge and skills to be a successful citizen and professional.

All students also declare a major by the end of their sophomore year. The major you choose determines whether you receive a BA (bachelor of arts) or a B.S. (bachelor of science) degree. Some students choose to complete joint or double majors, which include study in more than one academic field.

While not mandatory, many students choose a minor in additional to an academic major. A minor provides a less intensive study in one academic area. You can use a minor to pursue secondary interests or support your major with study in a related area.

Electives are courses that count toward the 124 credit hours needed for graduation, but are neither general education nor from the chosen major or minor courses. Electives are used to build skills and follow interests.

The Academic Catalog

Academic rules, regulations, and procedures are contained in the catalog. You follow the catalog you are issued your freshman year, although in some circumstances you may use an earlier or later catalog. All entering students receive a catalog, and copies are housed on the registrar’s web page.

Changing Your Schedule

The registrar’s office also handles dropping and adding classes. You’ll need to get the appropriate form from the Registrar’s office, have it signed by your advisor and the course instructor, and turn it in on time.

Dates for adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes are part of the academic calendar.


To earn a bachelor’s degree from Lynchburg College, you must complete a minimum number of total semester hours and hours within your major at Lynchburg College. You must also complete all of the general education courses, earn a minimum quality point average overall and within your major, and comply with all College standards and regulations.

For specific graduation requirements, see the Academic Regulations section of the undergraduate catalog.

Second Degree Candidates

If you are a candidate for a second bachelor’s degree, you must have earned your first degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

For additional graduation requirements for second-degree students, see the Academic Regulations section of the undergraduate catalog.