Frequently Asked Transfer Questions

  1. Do I need to schedule an interview?

    We recommend it. Interviews are not required but you may find it helpful to contact the transfer coordinator for an interview or to discuss your application by phone. This will help you to fully understand the application process and to learn more about all that LC offers. Transfer Open Houses are also a good opportunity to talk us. You can schedule a visit online or call 434.544.8300. Unofficial or official transcripts are recommended for transfer advising. We look forward to your visit!

  2. Am I a transfer student?

    Transfer students are defined as prospective students who have graduated from high school and have also completed 12 college credit hours or more. If you are age 25 or older, you must apply as an Access student (LC’s non-traditional age students). Students who have not completed high school followed by completion of at least 12 college credits must apply as a freshman.

  3. When should I contact the admissions office about applying to LC?

    Contact us early! The transfer coordinator will give you a timeline for your application process. Students who plan to complete an associate degree should contact the transfer counselor before the degree is completed. While qualified associate degrees from Central Virginia Community Colleges fulfill many of the general education requirements, they are not required to transfer. All applications are reviewed equally regardless of whether the associate degree has been completed.

  4. When should I begin the financial aid process?

    Begin to gather information on tuition and transfer scholarships when you submit your application. All students should submit the Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA) with the LC code 003720. This will enable our financial aid office to provide information regarding federal aid, LC aid, loan options, and payment plans. Virginia residents should also submit the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) application. Financial aid awards are finalized after admission. For more information, visit

  5. What are the admissions requirements?

    You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher for all institutions attended (GPA will be calculated when all official transcripts have been received). Your GPA must also be a 2.0 or higher in the last semester completed. Competitive applicants will have completed general education coursework in core subjects such as English, math, and history.

    Students with fewer than 25 college credit hours must also submit official final high school transcripts reflecting the graduation date and SAT or ACT scores (if available). Students who are two years or more past graduation are not required to submit test scores.

  6. How does an associate degree affect my application?

    Students from any Virginia community college with an associate of arts, associate of science or associate of arts & sciences and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher qualify for the Guaranteed Admissions Agreement at LC. The associate degree will fulfill all general education requirements except foreign language (courses may also transfer) and senior symposium (at LC only). Please note that applied associate degrees do not qualify for the Guaranteed Admissions Agreement. Candidates with associate degrees from schools outside of Virginia or with applied associate degrees may still be admissible.

  7. Can I complete my VCCS associate’s degree at LC?

    It is sometimes possible to complete the last two to three classes needed for your associate’s degree at LC and then transfer them back to your community college to do so. You should contact both the transfer coordinator and the registrar at your community college to understand this process. Be sure to notify your transfer advisor that you are completing the degree which will fulfill nearly all general education courses.

  8. Should I submit a personal statement/essay or letter(s) of recommendation?

    A personal statement or letter(s) of recommendation are suggested but not required. Your statement should reflect your interest in LC, the major you plan to pursue, any gaps in enrollment or other extenuating circumstances that would help to explain your transcripts.

  9. How many credits can I transfer?

    You can transfer 76 credit hours toward the 124 credit hours required to complete a degree. You must complete a minimum of 48 hours at LC. Fifty percent of the courses needed to fulfill your major or minor must be completed at LC. Courses completed with a “C” or higher may transfer toward the general education requirements, major requirements, or as electives. Supporting documentation such as an official course description or syllabus may be required to determine transfer credits. After you receive your official credit evaluation, please contact the registrar’s office for an appeal of any transfer credits you believe match with our curriculum.

  10. When will I receive an official credit evaluation?

    After you are admitted, the registrar’s office will conduct an official credit evaluation. Within two weeks an official credit evaluation will be mailed. If you complete courses after your initial credit evaluation is received it is required that you submit an updated transcript for evaluation. This information is also important as your financial aid award is completed. Loan eligibility may increase depending upon the number of hours a student has completed. If you have completed an associate’s degree at a Virginia Community College please check to see that it is reflected at the top of your credit evaluation as “VCCS Degree.”

    Prior to admission you may receive an unofficial credit evaluation by scheduling an appointment with the Transfer Counselor or by attending a Transfer Open House.

  11. Does my GPA transfer?

    Only your credits will transfer to LC. Your cumulative GPA from any previous schools will only be used to determine your admission to the College and eligibility for any transfer academic scholarship award. Your GPA at LC will only reflect classes completed here.

  12. How long will it take to complete my degree?

    Your graduation timeline is based on your transfer credits in combination with the courses needed to fulfill your major (and minor if applicable). A possible graduation timeline may be discussed but not guaranteed. Students transferring with associate degrees may have more than four semesters to complete an LC degree. Students with an associate degree who are undecided should plan to spend a semester determining a major.

  13. How will my classification be determined?

    Your classification is based on your official transfer credit evaluation. The number of semesters completed at previous schools does not necessarily equate to your class standing. The classifications are: Freshman = 0-24 transfer credits; Sophomore = 25-55 transfer credits; Junior = 56-76 transfer credits.

  14. I was previously admitted to LC. Do I need to submit a new application?

    Students previously admitted either as a freshman or as a transfer student must submit a new application. While an essay or personal statement is not required, it can be beneficial to submit one, particularly if your academic performance is weak.

  15. Does LC offer an evening program or distance learning?

    The College does not offer an evening degree program or distance learning. The majority of classes are offered during regular weekday hours on the LC campus.

  16. I have been admitted and now I’m ready to enroll at LC! What next?

    You must submit a reservation deposit fee in order to enroll in classes. Please be sure to review your credit evaluation and financial aid package. After you submit the deposit fee you will receive notification of your transfer advisor who will help you register for classes. If you plan to live on campus you must complete a housing preference form. Transfer students are not placed in housing with freshmen. Housing is not available for Access students. You must attend the Transfer orientation program for transfer or Access students. During orientation you will meet your Link group of new transfer students. Your Link Leader will meet with your group during orientation to make you aware of LC policies and to help you become a new LC student.

Questions? Want to schedule a visit?
Contact Tyler Eccles, transfer admissions counselor, at or 434.544.8305.