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Undergraduate Programs

The tuition, fees, room, and board costs for the 2015-2016 school year total $44,345 (assumes a residential student, who selects the base meal-plan and lives in a traditional residence hall).

View the comprehensive list of fees and other charges, including laundry service, meal plans, and enrollment deposit. The Business & Finance section of the website provides information on billing, withdrawal, and refunds.

Students living in a residence hall must select either the 160, 192, 224, 256, or 304 meal plan.

A room will only be assigned as a medical single based on application and space availability, and at the discretion of the Office of Residence Life. A surcharge may be added for these rooms.

Use the online cost calculator to find out what your cost will be. Access (age 25 and older) and part-time students pay a different rate; see “Non-traditional Students” below.

Tuition, Room, and Board 2015-2016 Rates
Semester Year
Tuition: Full-time traditional-age undergraduate $17,305 $34,610
Room: Residence Hall $2,435 $4,870
Room: Residence Hall, single $2,735 $5,470
Room: Residence Hall, Pod, double $2,535 $5,070
Room: Courts and College Houses, double – range $2,635-2,835 $5,270-5,670
Room: Courts and College Houses, single – range $2,935-3,135 $5,870-6,270
Room: Townhouses, double (limited availability) $3,135 $6,270
Room: Townhouses, single $3,635 $7,270
Room: Peaksview Hall, single $3,635 $7,270
Board: 160-meal plan $1,960 $3,920
Board: 192-meal plan $2,060 $4,120
Board: 224-meal plan $2,160 $4,320
Board: 256-meal plan $2,260 $4,520
Board: 304-meal plan $2,360 $4,720
Board: Hornet Plan 500 $500 $1,000
Board: Hornet Plan 750 $750 $1,500
Board: 80-meal plan $740 $1,480
Board: 80-lunch plan $550 $1,100
Board: 40-meal plan $375 $750

Non-traditional Students

Part-time and Access (age 25 and older) students pay different rates than traditional, full-time students.

Non-traditional Students 2015-2016 Rates Per Semester Hour
Access undergraduate students (age 25 and older) $475
Audited courses $237.50
Part-time attendance (Effective at the beginning of summer school):
Traditional-age students, part time, 7 hours or less $475
Traditional-age students, part time, 8 hours or more $950
Audited courses $237.50

International Student Tuition Payments

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