Connections Program

The Connections Program provides first year students and their families with information and tools for a successful transition to campus life.

The program includes Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR), Hornet Days, and Freshman Success Seminar. Connection groups continue to meet weekly for the first semester of the freshman year.

Our Connections Program has been awarded a Certificate of Merit from the National Academic Advisors Association for Outstanding Institutional Advising Program.

Connection Groups & Freshman Advising

You’ll be placed in a Connection Group with other freshmen who have the same academic advisor so there is a close working relationship among you, your advisor and your Connection Leader.

At the end of your first semester, you may select another academic advisor, usually one in your intended major. For more information about working with your advisor, or to change advisors, please see the Academic Advisors page.

The Connections Program was initially what kept me at Lynchburg College. When [I was] thinking about transferring, a peer encouraging me to give it a chance was more impactful than anything else could have been. Someone so close in age to me believed in me as a student and believed I could find my home, too. As a Connection Leader for three years, I realized I learned as much from my first-year students because I realized everyone’s college experience becomes something different. It’s truly a personal fit. This program helped me feel comfortable with that and make LC my own home.
Holly Lovern '14
Holly Lovern '14

Connection Leaders

The Connection Program involves current students as peer leaders and mentors for first-year students.

If you wish to apply to be a Connection Leader, you must completed one year at LC before the fall semester, have an overall GPA of at least 2.5, and a clean disciplinary record. A successful candidate will be articulate, responsible, compassionate, full of energy and enthusiasm, involved on campus and a good role model for other students.

More information, specific dates, and a description of the application process is available late fall.