Freshman Academic Scholarships

You are automatically considered for academic scholarships once you are admitted to Lynchburg College – no separate scholarship application is required.

Academic scholarships and awards range from $10,000 to $20,000 for the 2015-16 entering class and are awarded to full-time students based on high school academic achievement.

Scholarship Name Amount Academic Requirement
Hopwood Scholarship $20,000 Valedictorian/Salutatorian
1220 SAT* and 3.6 GPA
1190 SAT* and 3.75 GPA
Founders Scholarship $18,000 1100 SAT* and 3.0 GPA
1000 SAT* and 3.6 GPA
Trustee Scholarship $16,000 1100 SAT* and 2.75 GPA
980 SAT* and 3.5 GPA
Presidential Scholarship $14,000 1000 SAT* and 2.75 GPA
950 SAT* and 2.9 GPA
Alumni Award $12,000 950 SAT* and 2.5 GPA
910 SAT* and 2.6 GPA
Achievement Award $10,000 Minimum of
900 SAT* and 2.5 GPA

*or equivalent ACT score.  Lynchburg College uses ACT and/or SAT test scores to calculate scholarships.  Calculate your level of scholarship.

With the exception of the Hopwood Scholarship, scholarship eligibility may vary within categories according to actual test scores and grade point average. Therefore, a student with a higher SAT and a lower GPA (or vice versa) than the example stated may still be eligible for a certain scholarship. SAT scores used for scholarship consideration are calculated on a 1600-point scale and include the scores from the Critical Reading and Math sections only.

Scholarships may have different academic expectations than federal, state, and College need-based aid.  Should you receive a scholarship, your scholarship letter will indicate the academic standards required for renewal. In addition to the freshman year, scholarships are renewable for three additional years if you maintain renewal eligibility. You may receive only one of these awards. 

Transfer students and students enrolled in our access program (adult learners age 25 and older) are not eligible for these awards. However, these students do receive a discounted tuition rate.