Student Award Acceptance Form

Student Information

Date of Birth:


The 2015-2016 Financial Plan you received in your financial aid award package is designed to notify you of your complete financial aid award. We assume that based on the receipt of your reservation fee/enrollment deposit, you are accepting your grant and scholarships and no further action is needed.
However, you need to acknowledge that you wish to accept or decline any of the loan(s) and/or work-study eligibility offered in your package.


Acceptance (if applicable)

Please refer to your Financial Plan and indicate the amount(s) you wish to accept for the academic year from the applicable fund(s) listed on your financial plan. If you wish to decline the loan or work-study, enter $0.

The federal government pays the interest for you while you are in school and enrolled at least half-time.
Fall 2015 $ Spring 2016 $

You are responsible for the interest on this loan while you are in school. If you choose to defer the interest while you are in school, the interest will be capitalized when you go into repayment.
Fall 2015 $ Spring 2016 $

Fall 2015 $ Spring 2016 $



Remember that any reduction in the loan(s) amount accepted from the amount offered in your financial aid award package will change your 2015-2016 Financial Plan and increase your balance due. Also, you may not increase the amount accepted above the amount offered to you. However, if you wish to decline work-study, your balance due does not increase. The work-study is money you earn bi-weekly and therefore is not included in the net balance on the Financial Plan.Federal Direct Stafford Loan borrowers: As a reminder, if you have not already done so, you must visit to complete the Federal Direct Stafford Master Promissory Note (e-MPN). Also, if you are a first-time borrower, you must complete an Entrance Loan Counseling Session at before your loan is processed. Federal Work-Study students: As a reminder, you must complete an employment application and learn more about different positions available on campus.